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Amusing Sex Traditions Around the World

Every nation has customs and traditions that can seem shocking to others. And this applies not only to strange eating habits, but to peculiar ways of sexual interaction as well.

Unexpected Things That Can Affect Your Libido: Valentine’s Day Special

Turns out, it’s not necessary to perform occult rituals or eat bull testicles to boost one’s libido. There are much more pleasant and exciting ways to do that.

The Most Unbelievable Pieces of Sex-Related Advice from Celebrities

Stars imagine themselves to be gurus of all spheres of life and give advice on the most intimate topics. Such pieces of advice are rarely distinguished by adequacy, though.

Digital Cheating: What Is It?

Cheating has become frighteningly simple: incognito mode and sex chats are there to help you. There’s a brand new phenomenon that is breaking into our lives, and it’s digital cheating. But it really cheating, though?

Do Black Friday Discounts on Prostitutes Exist?

Ever wondered whether Black Friday discounts on prostitutes exist? Here are some facts.

First Date Sex

The age-old question that makes almost all beautiful female minds ponder is "When is the right time to go third base when two people first started dating?" Do you seem to know the answer?