A 20-year-old model, Kaylen Ward, inspired people to donate to Australian bushfire relief effort in exchange for her nude photos. She raised $1 million in donations to save the forests and koalas of Australia.

The number of fires in Australia has not decreased since September 2019. Six million hectares of forest have been destroyed so far, while 1 billion animals and more than 20 people became victims.

On January 4, Kaylen Ward announced the launch of an action in which she would send her intimate photos to every person who donates money to fight the effects of massive forest fires in Australia. Ward asked for $10 per photo, but for more significant donations, the girl would send much “hotter” naked images.

On January 7, Ward announced that an amount of nearly $1 million had been raised to save the forests of Australia. The girl said that there were too many requests for intimate photos in exchange for a donation, so she had to hire four people to verify the authenticity of the donations.

A good deed doesn’t end well at all – Ward quarreled with her family and boyfriend, and her Instagram account was blocked due to the action that does not comply with the policy of Instagram.