Pornhub, the world's largest porn site, is providing Italian residents with premium accounts for free after strict measures were introduced in the country due to the coronavirus COVID-19 infection.

If you go to the site in Italy, a message saying that locals can use premium access for a month for free will appear.

Also, Pornhub decided to send part of the monthly revenue of its subsidiary Modelhub – a marketplace that helps authors sell content – to Italian hospitals.

Here’s a tip from the Internet Protocol team: today, non-residents of Italy can also easily get a premium subscription if they change their IP address to Italy with a VPN and switch the site to Italian.

Currently, there’s an emergency regime in Italy due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The authorities closed schools, shops, and restaurants, leaving open stores that sell food and medicine.

As of March 12, the number of cases of COVID-19 exceeds 12.8 thousand people. More than a thousand people have died from coronavirus, and more than 1.2 thousand people have successfully recovered.