Nope, we’re not going to talk about a five-liter barrel of beer, a pack of three Pringles cans, and a couple of new PS4 games that you left with care in mind when you decided to go to your mom for a week.

Some scientists, this time from Zurich, have identified one of the most important qualities that can affect one’s attractiveness. The scientists offered 327 participants of the research to choose the desired traits they want to see in an ideal partner for a long-term and – let’s not be afraid of this word – serious relationship.

Girls and guys chose such significant qualities as friendliness, sense of humor, intelligence, and… playfulness! For respondents, playfulness was more important than an academic degree, genes, or religious beliefs.

The research team came to the conclusion that playfulness means especially a lot for those who consider themselves to be like that, have a great sense of humor and are easygoing. Playful, open-minded girls really attract guys, regardless of whether they have model parameters or not.

One way or another, this personality trait is definitely necessary in life: you will never get bored, either with your partner or without one. So miss that resting bitch face and keep it light. Your life will certainly be more fun, we guarantee.