Affairs have reached a whole new level: now we can cheat on our partners even while lying with them in the same bed. This brand new phenomenon is called digital cheating, and there are multiple ways to define it. And how is it even possible to betray someone “digitally”?

Incognito Mode

If you’re prone to paranoid states and believe that day-to-day monitoring of your partner’s messengers will help you keep abreast of things, then we have some news for you. The first piece of news is that you have no right to do that, and that’s unacceptable. The second one is that free messengers like Telegram or Viber let users send messages that they can later delete for both participants of the conversation. Bummer, right? Now, any chat can have its “expiration date.” All messages will be deleted, either at predetermined time or immediately after reading. And features like secret chats can only be accessed after entering the previously set pin code.

Distance Is Not an Obstacle Anymore

Remember these two names because they’re the two horsemen of the apocalypse of the insidious digital cheating: Kiiroo OhMiBod Fuse and We-Vibe Sync. They’re vibrators that can be controlled using a smartphone. It was these sex toys that laid the foundation of fashion for such a special kind of virtual sex. Soon everyone will have an opportunity to make copies of their crush’s genitals printed with the help of a 3D printer or to even buy a haptic suit that can provide haptic feedback from your lover. Yeah, this will help those in love make a long-distance relationship work. Yeah, you can also virtually bang some hot mulatto you met when you were on vacation at sea.

Sexual Reality

Watching porn is not cheating. Porn is an educational documentary. But if you watch it in virtual reality mode, this “class” does not seem so harmless anymore. The simulation of touching a porn actress or an actor causes mixed feelings. Try to imagine that by the end of this year, virtual reality will allow us to see our own bodies on the screen. And using a smart vibrator will untie your hands, both literally and metaphorically.

How to Protect Yourself from Cheating

Various sex robots, messengers, and smart vibrators are not the cause of betrayals in relationships. And yet they make lives of people who have long been planning a fling significantly easier. For some, such online-affairs can push people to start having flings in real life. In fact, everything is pretty simple. Your partner will use the above-mentioned methods of digital cheating if dissatisfaction with oneself reaches a critical point.

The only sure way to solve this problem is to take all gadgets away from your partner or to monitor his/her messengers every day. We’re kidding. The only way to avoid betrayal is to maintain an emotional connection with your loved one, not to be an asshole (or at least try not to), and to listen and hear each other. This way, there will never be a third wheel in your relationship. Amen.