The famous “How you doin?” phrase by Joey from Friends does not work well everywhere. In one county, it may help you pick up a hot chick, whereas in another, you will get sued, and they might tell you to go to hell. So, what is the best way to approach a foreigner? We’ve made a list of secrets of charming that can be used in different countries.


For many people, France is associated with love. In France, love is in the air, and the French language is melodic, romantic, and sounds extremely pleasant to your ears. It would seem that everything is clear, but when it comes to flirting, recognizing the true feelings of the French is quite complicated.

Flirting is literally their life. A kiss on the cheek is a common greeting for French women, but sometimes people perceive it as coquetry. French women are in no hurry to rush things, they often chat about funny things in life and act relaxed and at ease. So, with French women, you need to rely on your intuition. You can’t tell her about how many children you want in the future on the first or second date, but you can kiss her on the cheek and tell a joke. For instance, “Désolé mais je dois vous arrêter pour excès de beauté sur la voie publique,” which means “Sorry, but I have to arrest you for exceeding beauty in a public place.” Such phrases sound amusing, and the French understand that, so they only use them for fun and laughter.


Perhaps you’ve seen the all-time-favorite movie of all teenage girls called Three Steps Above Heaven. In this movie, Spanish men are bold, courageous, and decisive. They can win the girl’s sympathy with their eyes closed. But real life has nothing to do with the movies. According to surveys, it is Spanish women who initiate new acquaintances with the opposite sex, and they do it much more often than men. It sounds like a dream, but there are pitfalls in this as well. Such behavior confuses men, and they mistakenly take such sociability for sexual interest. So, if a hot Spanish woman winks at you, do not rush to run for a condom. We advise you to start with an elegant compliment like “¿Me das tu Instagram?” (May I ask your Instagram?) This is a good unobtrusive way not to get lost and stay in touch.


Dating clichés are not going to cut it in Germany. Women will immediately mark you as “creativity does not live here anymore.” Compliments about appearance and clothes will not cause delight and excitement either. In a best-case scenario, they will make a woman smirk, and the worst thing that can happen is that you will be charged for objectification. Therefore, you need to follow the path of an “individual approach.” For example, you might say, “Ich habe gesehen, dass du ein Buch von… liest, Ich bin ein großer Bewunderer von ihm.“ (I saw you reading a book by… I’m a huge fan). This shows that you’re interested in a person and his/her hobbies.


The Japanese don’t rush through life. Their relationships develop very slowly, their flirting is subtle, respectful, and not at all vulgar. Often people meet each other amongst friends or colleagues, and then they continue communication in social networks. When you meet Japanese people for the first time, they can start with some questions, the most daring of which is, “きれいですね。もしかして もでるさん?” (You look beautiful. Are you a model?)

The good news is there’s a loophole! You can use your body language to communicate your intentions. Spending a lot of time chatting in the distance is welcome, but you can’t talk on intimate topics or talk dirty. And don’t even try to hug the object of your desire, no bodily contact allowed! It can ruin your relationship.


If an Italian man likes a girl, he will immediately shower her with compliments and will exclusively address her as “Bella signora.” And it’s enough to simply pass by a hot man. If you have a date with an Italian, be prepared for the fact that intimate and physical relations are like breathing for them – they often touch each other and hug. They are also bolder in flirting and vividly demonstrate their feelings, “Sei la cosa più bella che mi sia capitata fino ad ora.” (You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life).