On Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared a list of tips to make your romantic evening an unforgettable one. Turns out, it’s not necessary to perform occult rituals or eat bull testicles to boost one’s libido. There are much more pleasant and exciting ways to do that.

1. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is a gift from the Gods. Firstly, it prolongs life; secondly, it’s sexy; thirdly, it provides high-quality sex and its frequency. It is important to be able to laugh at yourself and not be offended if someone else suddenly does it. This indicates that you are comfortable with yourself, which means that chances of success are increasing. Well, scientists have long proved that a man who can easily make a woman laugh, can give her more orgasms. So, we advise you to stock up on a couple of funny jokes for February 14.

2. Seafood

It is widely assumed that it’s just a tricky marketing move. Hell no, it really works! It is not necessary to eat sushi from a naked body, although the idea is not that bad. The main thing is not to hide wasabi in private parts.

Nevertheless, studies say that frequent consumption of seafood is associated with the frequency of sexual relations. The study involved 500 couples that had schedules of their seafood consumption and sexual activity. In those days, when partners were eating seafood, the chance that they would have sex after that was increased by 39%. Scientists say that it has something to do with improved sperm quality and menstrual cycle. So, the most appropriate dishes for Valentine’s Day are shrimp risotto, sushi, and oysters.

3. Music

Do you prefer listening to loud music? We have two pieces of news for you: 1) it really is harmful – you can become deaf, 2) this way, you can provide yourself with regular sex. The research was conducted by Sonos and Apple Music, and neuroscientists checked everything.

For people who regularly listen to music, sex is 67% more likely to happen than for those who love silence. Scientists say that it’s because when we listen to music, dopamine is released, and we look for more pleasure. And the released oxytocin pushes us to find solace in someone else’s arms. The brain’s reaction to music is the same as to sex, drugs, and delicious food. Tip: prepare a special playlist for Valentine’s Day.

4. Going to Sleep Late at Night

How can you go to bed early when you know since childhood that the most interesting things happen at night? Spicy TV programs, food in the fridge is testier at night, and games are more fun. A study by the University of Chicago says that women who go to bed late are prone to risky behavior, as opposed to their “morning colleagues.” Evening women have higher levels of testosterone and cortisol, which means that they have a lot of energy, their cognitive functions work well, and their arousal is always on point. The truth is that “larks” find themselves in stable relationships more often, which cannot be said about “owls.”

5. Emoji

More emoji – more sex. This is the conclusion that a study conducted by Match.com led to. It turns out that 54% of sexually active men and women use emojis while texting. Emojis are a real cargo cult for those who want their evening to end (or their morning to begin) with sex. All these corn, eggplant, peach, or cherry emojis do their job perfectly.