Bitcoin has become one of the top popular search engine requests and has turned into the main economic trend. Bitcoin has also become the fifth most valuable currency in the world. Banks are highly interested in operations with this cryptocurrency, and so are by farmers, energy companies, as well as the sex industry that includes sex shops, pornography companies, and dating sites.

Blockchain Is a Small Brick in the Foundation of Your Love

Master Yoda among Asian dating services, Lunch Actually, decided to follow the modern trends and launched a project called What’s so unique about this platform? You need to verify yourself using blockchain, smart contacts or an e-Wallet. In such a way, the company will fight fake accounts.

The project is most proud of the fact that it has a Lifelong AI Love Advisor. Viola will become your personal assistant in love affairs, from dating to marriage. It’s just like Siri except that it has empathy! Viola will make reservations at a restaurant for you, remind you of important dates and create travel routes for you. More than a billion points of artificial intelligence data will help the software give helpful relationship pieces of advice and remind the couples of significant dates, which is essential and will save many relationships, believe us! With viola, you will never forget the day of your first kiss or first date even if they happened on the same day.

An ICO cryptographic token is real salvation. Not only will it solve the security problem of dating apps, but it will also become an internal viola currency. Tokens can be used as a reward for actions performed or as a payment for goods and services related to the love affair bits of advice.

Relationships and Cryptocurrency. It Was the Love for Bitcoins That Brought Them Together

Luxy, a luxury millionaire dating app, is an app for those whose heart belongs to currency and cryptocurrency and those who want to find a soulmate, preferably the one with chic body shape. Luxy is an app for wealthy loners. The company founder is a real Mister X and is known as Tim T. He lives in Hong Kong, vouches for the “verification mechanism”, and ensures that it will only let the richest men and the most beautiful women in. Every other website’s active user earns more than $500,000; 41% of them are considered millionaires.

A premium option that allows you to filter search results by the amount of money users have costs $450 per month. Now you can make this transaction with Bitcoin.

This is how Luxy brand manager, Raffael Krause, explains the company’s decision:

Introducing crypto will help Luxy align ourselves with the current lifestyles of the successful entrepreneurs and business people within our community. Many of our users are entrepreneurs, and a significant number are in this industry. Accepting bitcoin is just the first step towards integrating blockchain capabilities with Luxy.

We will tell about what altcoin is and how to buy products from sex shops with it in the following articles.