Sex Toys and Exchanges

Bitcoin falls, rises, and then falls and rises again, and people have different emotions about it. The users of the BitCast platform experience the strongest fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrency. The users of this platform pair their sex toys with cryptocurrency exchanges. Devices connected to BitCast react to the performance of the cryptocurrency – the more value increases, the more your sensations intensify. In real-time, BitCast receives data from the Bitstamp exchange, which so far only works with bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereums. This project makes investing in digital currencies a more pleasant experience. Crypto drives people crazy, they are obsessed with it and can now enjoy their investments. The quality of orgasms increases with the price of the crypto.

A Financial Dominatrix Made $1 Million in Bitcoin

If BitCast users don’t get enough satisfaction from losing their money, then clients of financial dominatrixes, on the contrary, find great pleasure in it. It’s exactly the same as the BDSM practice, with all its domination and submission. Usually, wealthy people who hold leadership positions become financial slaves. Their job involves a lot of stress, so submission is a perfect way for them to relieves themselves of responsibility and become more passive.

An enterprising seductress who also happens to be a French woman, Theodora, tells that her “clients” taught her to understand what crypt is and how it works. There are experienced businessmen among them who know things about money.

This is how the dominatrix organized a bitcoin mining farm called Crypto Slave Farm, where her slaves mine the cryptocurrency using their home computers. “A lot of geek clients were really excited when I taught them how to build a mining rig for me so they could mine 24/7 from their home," said Theodora. She notes that mining is an option for those who can’t afford to make a major contribution to the Domina. The Crypto Slave Farm motto is “Join My Crypto Slave Farm!” And it works – the miners get one bitcoin for the Lady every day.

Altcoins to Buy Sex Toys With

With the growth of bitcoin and Ethereum and the strengthening of the cryptocurrency industry, the number of altcoins has increased. They are intended for a small number of users. Among them, there is Sexcoin with which people can buy “adult” goods and pay for their subscriptions to porn sites. Another example of the cryptocurrency created by the sex industry is Pornhub’s marketing project called Titcoin. To pay with this cryptocurrency, the user needs to install the app, make a purchase from one of the company’s partners, and then allow the cashier to take a photo of your naked breasts. These photos will go to the Amateur section on Pornhub, and the service will send the amount spent by the owner of Titcoin to the seller’s account.