Drawings, comics, memes or movie stills somehow related to suicide – all of it will be blocked or deleted by Instagram as the company believes that it can help prevent youth suicide.

Bans and content requirements of the popular network are increasing day by day. Not so long ago, Instagram decided to prohibit plastic surgery filters, and now the social network came to decision to ban suicide-related content. And it’s not just intimidating pics and images. Comics, memes, and movie stills will be banned, too. The company created a special algorithm that finds and then either deletes or bans such posts.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has explained the new policy on his blog. Any photos that associate with suicide and also self-harm and suicide images will be forbidden. Accounts that abuse the topic will be shadowbanned.

Posts bearing a #suicide hashtag or others related to it will appear with the following warning: “We hid your post with a #suicide hashtag to protect the community from the content that encourages behavior that can result in harm or even death”. Also, users will be suggested to get psychological support.

But here’s the dilemma. Some people may use this hashtag in their post to support people having mental health problems to make them feel less lonely.

Instagram executives consulted several organizations before finally approving the new algorithm.