Every nation has customs and traditions that can seem shocking to others. And this applies not only to strange eating habits, but to peculiar ways of sexual interaction as well. So before starting a new relationship with a foreigner, find out about the most exciting sex traditions across the globe.


Despite Korea being mostly a patriarchal country, Korean women still find a way to bring the heat to bed. Best jewelry masters of Korea created special golden needles that women use to improve the sexual performance of their men. If a woman suddenly notices that her man is “not in the mood” anymore, she pricks him with a needle as close to his special place as possible in order to achieve the desired effect.


Islamic laws prohibit sex before marriage. But even after the wedding, you can’t really run wild because only one position is allowed – the missionary one. All other positions are considered illegal and, according to Muslims, negatively affect the dignity of women. But there’s a loophole! Modern young couples in Iran who are not ready for marriage yet, but who don’t deny that one day they will, are allowed to sign an agreement, according to which they can have sex.


According to long-standing traditions, every girl was taught the mastery of lovemaking by the oldest woman in the family. Quite often, she would even spend the wedding night with the newly-married couple, lying under the bed and, as a prompter, telling the girl what to do. And this is not a joke! After such an eventful wedding night, a man is obliged to wear women’s clothing for a month to feel what it is like to a woman. So if you heat a rustling under the bed during the night of love with your girlfriend from Kenya, be sure that it’s not a bedside monster at all.


Here, polyandry is held in high esteem. It’s a form of polygamy in which a woman has the right to have several husbands. First, a woman marries the eldest son in the family, and then his younger brothers. It is convenient because you can hold all the land in one hand. Husbands, in turn, agree on the schedule of sexual life at family negotiations.


India is famous for its sexual traditions throughout the world. The Kamasutra itself is worth a lot. For instance, to make a woman happy, men make themselves piercing of gold and precious stones. These pieces of jewelry are called “apadravya” and mostly embellish the intimate area. Indian men carefully care about their intimate haircut and the “flora and fauna” of their private parts. A truly good lover should paint his genitals with bright colors, and this should give hi partner paradise pleasure.