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Founded in 2015, Alphabet is the parent company of Google and its several subsidiaries. It is a multinational conglomerate that was created through a corporate restructuring of Google. Alphabet’s subsidiaries include Loon, Sidewalk, Labs, Wing, Verily, Google Fiber, and others. Alphabet CEO Larry Page said that the company would improve the “transparency and oversight” of their actions.

Google Defeats Oracle in an 11-Year Java Code Copyright Dispute

Oracle filed a lawsuit back in 2010. The company accused Google of infringing its copyright by using the Java programming language in the Android operating system. The lawsuit was filed shortly after Oracle acquired Java developer Sun Microsystems.

Alphabet Shut Down Its Internet Balloon Company Loon

The company announced the news after nine years in development because the project couldn’t find a way to lower costs enough to build a long-term and sustainable business.

Google Extends Work-From-Home Policy Until July 2021

The search-engine giant’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced the news in an internal memo to workers via email on Monday to “give employees the ability to plan ahead.”

Google Encourages Employees to Work from Home Because of Coronavirus Concerns

Earlier, Google also advised workers in Dublin, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay Area to work from home, taking into account the current situation.

Alphabet’s X Launches a New Project Called Tidal That Will Help Protect the Ocean and Develop Sustainable Fishing

The latest project of Alphabet’s X moonshot division is called Tidal, and its primary goal is to develop sustainable fishing by tracking thousands of fish and their behavior.

Alphabet-Owned Jigsaw Introduced a New Tool Aimed at Detecting Manipulated Pictures

The new tool is intended to help journalists and fact-checking organizations in detecting manipulated and doctored pictures. It may well come in handy during the pre-election period.

Spotify to Stop Political Advertising

Spotify followed the steps of Twitter and TikTok: in 2020, the company will abandon political advertising.

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