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How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30: 10 Golden Tips

Against the backdrop of a pandemic, the future may seem bleak, and the prospects of becoming a millionaire may sound like a fairy tale. However, anything is possible! These 10 practical rules will help you make your first million before you turn 30.

Weekly Fun: Gucci Surf, Chicken Flavored KFC Lipstick, and TikTok Auditory Illusion

This week’s stories feature a browser game from Gucci that offers users to collect plastic from the ocean, a KFC lipstick with the flavor of hot chicken wings, and an auditory illusion on TikTok that perplexed netizens around the world.

4 Podcasts That Will Help You Love Yourself

Stress is everywhere now. When you feel bad, you want to quickly find a source of support and strength to live in new conditions. We have selected 4 podcasts that will help you be more attentive to yourself, find support, and finally love yourself.

Recruiter’s Blacklist: 5 Unforgivable Resume Mistakes

To find a place in the sun and get into a really good company, you need to correctly write your resume. In this article, we will analyze 5 key resume mistakes and show you how to fix them.

Handy Tips: How to Learn to Play Musical Instruments

Learning to play any musical instrument is quite a rewarding and stimulating activity, so choose an instrument that you like and enjoy the process of learning. In this article, we will tell you how to learn to play musical instruments using these 7 apps.

Handy Tips: How to Tell If the Girl Likes You Using Instagram

A person’s behavior on social media can tell a lot about whether they like you or not. Today, we will show you how to tell if a girl is interested in you using Instagram Stories.

Weekly Fun: A Thief Fox Stealing Slippers, a Golden Mask for $4,000, and a Dog With an Honorary Doctorate Degree

This week’s stories feature Ryan Reynolds offering a $5,000 reward for a stolen teddy bear, an Indian businessman who wears a $4,000-worth face mask, and a corgi puppy singing along Frank Ocean.

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