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A Ukrainian Student Bought the Right to Film an Adaptation of Stephen King's Short Story "Stationary Bike" for $1

A 19-year-old Ukrainian received the rights to the film adaptation of Stephen King’s story "Stationary Bike" after applying for the Dollar Baby program. The deal cost him $1.

How to Be a Perfect Boss

Use these 9 tips, and you’ll become the king of your office, the best friend, and the favorite person of all your junior colleagues (not subordinates).

Weekly Fun: Amusing and Absurd Establishing Paternity Cases

This week features funny and absurd cases of establishing paternity as well as secrets of the most influential people in the world who get involved in legal proceedings, too.

How People Flirt Around the World

What is the best way to approach a foreigner? We’ve made a list of secrets of charming that can be used in different countries.

Coronavirus: The Complete Digest

We’ve gathered the latest and most interesting news about the coronavirus that will help you keep abreast of events.

Weekly Fun: Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes and Valentines for Your Ex

This week features the funniest memes dedicated to Valentine's Day as well as list of phrases that you can use in Valentines to your ex.

The Movie Featuring Harley Quinn Gets a New Title Because of Poor Opening at the Box Office

Warner Bros. asked the cinemas to rename the movie featuring Harley Quinn to "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" because of a long name and failed start at the box office.