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4 Israeli Startups That Will Change the Music Industry

In this article, we'll explore Israeli companies that offer a variety of solutions for musicians and listeners, from a wireless touchpad that replaces many guitar pedals to wearable devices that enhance the physical sensations caused by the music.

Scientists Have Discovered Possible Signs of Life on Venus

An international team of researchers found evidence of possible life on Venus, the Earth’s neighboring planet. A paper about chemistry on Venus was published, describing evidence of potential microbes that may inhabit the acidic Venusian cloud.

Google Pledges to Run on Carbon-Free Energy by 2030

This will include powering all of the company’s offices, campuses, and data centers for all products across Search, Maps, YouTube, and Gmail with only carbon-free electricity by 2030.

IKEA and ASUS ROG Team up to Create Affordable Gaming Furniture

The presentation of the IKEA ASUS ROG gaming furniture line will occur in China in February 2021. Its sales in the United States and other countries will begin by October 2021.

Sony Announced the Next PS5 Showcase Event for September 16

At the upcoming event, Sony plans to focus more on launch titles. However, it may well finally announce the release date of the PS5, following its rival Microsoft, which revealed the price and release date of its next-gen consoles last week.

4 Games About Pandemics: From Plague to Cyber Viruses

While gamers from all over the world are praying for the coronavirus to stop affecting premieres planned for this year, we decided to remind you about the games that are relevant during the pandemic.

The First Floating Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands Opened Its Doors

The new store looks like an all-glass dome that offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city. The Pantheon in Rome inspired the authors to create such an Apple Store.

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