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Neuralink's Human Patient Can Now Control a Computer Mouse Using Thoughts

Neuralink's pioneering approach involves surgically implanting a chip into a region of the brain that controls the intention to move, enabling direct communication between the brain and external devices.

Apple Unveils Optic ID for Enhanced Security on Vision Pro

Optic ID uses advanced iris recognition technology, allowing users to swiftly unlock their Vision Pro, authorize purchases through Apple Pay, access sensitive personal data, and much more.

Neuralink Makes Historic Breakthrough with First Human Brain Chip Implant

The implant, named Telepathy, is designed to establish a seamless connection between the human brain and external devices, allowing individuals to control computers or smartphones with mere thoughts.

Apple Vision Pro Pre-Orders Sold Out Within Hours

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that during the pre-order weekend, Apple may have sold between 160,000 and 180,000 Vision Pro headsets, surpassing earlier production figures.

Elon Musk's Tesla Robot Shows Off Shirt-Folding Skills in a Recent Video

While Optimus currently relies on predefined actions to perform tasks, it will eventually achieve full autonomy and operate in various environments without constraints, such as a fixed table and a single shirt in a box.

Samsung Announced a New Health and Wellness Wearable Called Galaxy Ring

Although specifics regarding its pricing, release date, and additional features are yet to be disclosed, Samsung promised that the gadget would make its debut "later this year."

Apple Vision Pro to Go on Sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

Users will control the device with their voice, hands, and eyes. An all-new App Store will provide access to over a million apps from iOS and iPadOS ecosystems, along with new visionOS experiences.

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