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Mind-blowing, absurd, ridiculous, and silly ideas and deeds can all be found here! Whose crazy imagination could generate that? We don’t know. Don’t ever limit your mind, let it have fun, even if sometimes it’s beyond sanity. The Internet Protocol creative team gathers the things that go beyond normality in WTF category while thinking, “What the F*ck?” We are proud of our collection of oddities and hilarious news. Pop in!

What Your Social Media Posts Say About Your Love Life

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts decided to keep up with the times and conducted a study, the results of which will be of interest to everyone who has a social media account. They found out that the posts on social media speak of users' sex life.

Weekly Fun: Google Earth Timelapse and Colorful Coffins

This week’s stories feature Ross Hall from Auckland, who designs custom-made colorful coffins in the form of Lego or chocolate, and a new feature of Google Earth that shows how the world has changed from 1984 to 2020.

Weekly Fun: Japanese Officials Wore Fake Bellies to Understand Pregnancy

This week’s stories feature an explanation of why people confuse sea monsters with erect penises of whales, and Japanese officials who wore fake baby bumps for several days to understand how pregnant women feel.

Weekly Fun: The Neural Network Humanized All Popular Emojis

This week’s stories feature neural networks that humanized all popular emojis and an amusing Easter egg found in Windows 95.

Weekly Fun: The Ever Given Container Ship Was Stuck in the Suez Canal

This week’s stories feature the Ever Given container ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal and a cryptic tweet from the US Strategic Command.

Weekly Fun: An American Who Received His High School Diploma at the Age of 96

This week's stories feature 96-year-old American Raymond Schaefer, who received an honorary high school diploma 77 years after he dropped out of school to help his family.

Weekly Fun: COVID-19 Scream Test and Elon Musk's Techno Track About NFTs

This week’s stories feature a shouting booth created by a Dutch inventor for more convenient coronavirus testing, and a techno song about NFTs by Elon Musk.

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