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OpenAI Introduces Free Voice Chat Feature for All ChatGPT Users

The feature is built on advanced text-to-speech technology, enabling ChatGPT to generate human-like audio responses from text prompts. OpenAI also collaborated with professional voice actors to offer a selection of unique voices.

Microsoft Unveils Copilot Studio for Building Custom AI Copilots

Following OpenAI's recent announcement of their GPT platform, Microsoft is now introducing Copilot Studio, designed to simplify the creation and management of AI assistants.

Google Photos Gets a Boost in Organization with Artificial Intelligence

With the introduction of Photo Stacks and improved screenshot and document management, Google Photos takes a significant step toward making your photo library cleaner and more organized.

Reviving Omegle: A New Chapter in the Tale of Online Anonymity

In a striking development in the world of digital communication, Omegle, the once-popular platform for anonymous interaction, is making a comeback. Reintroduced as omegle2.net, the platform has been resurrected by a group of tech activists committed to preserving the essence of online anonymity.

mSpy: Guardian in the World of Digital Possibilities

In today's world, where digital technologies have become an integral part of everyday life, security and control take precedence. This is where the mSpy program steps in, serving as a reliable tool for monitoring and protection.

Telegram Teases Its visionOS App with AR Stickers for Apple Vision Pro

One standout feature demonstrated in the teaser is an immersive video player that enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, the app includes animated AR stickers that expand beyond the app window, adding an extra layer of interactivity.

Spotify's TV App Gets a Revamp with Dark Mode and Account Switching

The Home page has been redesigned, mirroring the mobile and desktop app layouts. You'll find shortcuts to your favorites, recently played tracks, and personalized recommendations conveniently at the top of the Home page.

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