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Android is a mobile Operating System originally developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, and released under the Apache license in 2008. Written in the Java code and based on the modified Linux kernel and other open source software, Android was initially designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc. After the Android source code is finalized, it is released to the public, therefore it is open to everyone such as designers, developers, or other device makers.

Spy99: Ultimate Undetectable Monitoring for Your Phone

Spy99 is perfect for anyone who needs discreet, thorough, and real-time monitoring. Its powerful features, easy setup, and around-the-clock support make it a standout choice.

Spotify Launches Music Videos in Beta in 11 Countries

This move allows users to switch seamlessly between audio tracks and their corresponding music videos directly within the Spotify app, enhancing the music listening experience with a visual dimension.

Nothing Unveils an Affordable Phone (2a) with a Unique Design

The Phone (2a) retains the signature transparent back panel but introduces a horizontal camera array, distinguishing it from its predecessors' vertical configurations.

Huawei Unveils Pocket 2 Flip Smartphone with Cutting-Edge Features

Retaining the iconic clamshell design, the Pocket 2 incorporates aerospace-grade rocket steel materials for enhanced durability, ensuring longevity without compromising on style.

Google Unveils a New Circle to Search Feature on Android

Google is changing the way we search on our smartphones with its latest innovation, Circle to Search. This intuitive feature allows users to perform searches without leaving their current app or screen.

Google Photos Gets a Boost in Organization with Artificial Intelligence

With the introduction of Photo Stacks and improved screenshot and document management, Google Photos takes a significant step toward making your photo library cleaner and more organized.

WhatsApp Introduces Passwordless Logins with Passkeys for Android Users

The passkey feature is expected to become available to Android users gradually over the coming weeks and months. It promises to offer a more secure and user-friendly way to access WhatsApp, ultimately reducing the reliance on traditional passwords.

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