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Android is a mobile Operating System originally developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, and released under the Apache license in 2008. Written in the Java code and based on the modified Linux kernel and other open source software, Android was initially designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc. After the Android source code is finalized, it is released to the public, therefore it is open to everyone such as designers, developers, or other device makers.

Google "Revived" Dinosaurs From Jurassic World Through Augmented Reality

Google, together with Universal Brand Development, Amblin Entertainment and Ludia, transferred ten dinosaurs of the famous Jurassic World franchise directly to Google search.

Google’s Area 120 Internal Team Launches Keen, an AI-Powered Pinterest-Style App

Keen is an experimental app developed by Google’s Area 120 Internal team that lets users save and share links, resources, and ideas they are fond of in topic boards. To suggest related content, Google uses machine learning and Search.

Tech Digest: Artificial Intelligence Related News and a Tiny Bit of Art Therapy

Did you know that AI managed to trick the reCAPTCHA test for the first time? And that to be happy, all you need to do is to rent a Finn? Find out about this and a lot more in our latest Tech Digest.

The Honor Play 4 Pro Smartphone Received a Temperature Sensor

One of the recently announced smartphones, the Honor Play 4 Pro, is available with an infrared temperature sensor. During the pandemic, when high fever may be a sign of COVID-19, it may be especially helpful.

The List of Smartphones That Will Receive Android 11

Google has delayed the launch of public beta testing of the new Android 11 operating system due to protests in the United States. But we continue to monitor updates about Android 11, so here’s the list of smartphones that are most likely to get the latest version of Android.

Apple and Google Introduced the First Version of COVID-19 Exposure Notification Tech

Google and Apple have announced the launch of the first public Exposure Notification API, which allows creating apps to track contacts with people infected with COVID-19.

How to Remain Incognito When Chatting in WhatsApp: Ways of Sending Messages Without Showing Online

In this article, we will tell you about proven ways how to chat in a pseudo-incognito mode in WhatsApp. These three magical methods are suitable for both iOS and Android devices.

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