Apple Car

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Apple Car is an electric car project undergoing development by Apple Inc, possibly will be premiered in the third quarter of 2021.

Nissan Says It Is 'Not in Talks' To Produce Apple Car

According to reports, Nissan is no longer in discussions about joining Apple's self-driving car project after the companies disagreed about branding.

Hyundai Officially Confirms Ending Talks Regarding the Apple Car Deal

Apple was upset that its negotiations with Hyundai were widely publicized because the tech giant usually prefers to keep its projects in secret.

Apple Car Concept Looks Like Apple Magic Mouse

YouTube bloggers showed their Apple Car concept that looks like a computer mouse with wheels but without a battery and cable.

The Apple Car Could Be Arriving Soon

Apple Car presentation will be possibly held in September 2021, along with the new iPhone 13 line.

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