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Artificial intelligence or AI is a computer-simulated processing based on human intelligence. The integrated algorithms provide machines with deep learning reasoning and self-correction. AI apps can handle the same operations as the average human brain; suchlike recognize speech, appearance, complete particular tasks, and make conclusions. Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning are all closely related to the topic.

Anthropic Launches the Claude AI App on iOS and a New Team Plan

The Claude Team plan, priced at $30 per user per month, offers a higher volume of interactions per user and the ability to handle more complex data sets and longer documents.

Nothing Unveils New Transparent Earbuds with ChatGPT Integration

A notable addition to these earbuds is the integration with ChatGPT, which allows users to interact with the AI via voice commands. This feature is available when paired with a Nothing smartphone where the ChatGPT app is installed.

New AI Wearable 'Limitless Pendant' Launches to Record Conversations

It is designed to record conversations, meetings, and daily interactions, storing the data securely in the cloud. Users can later access transcriptions, real-time notes, and summaries of their recordings.

OpenAI Launches Voice Engine to Revolutionize Text-to-Speech Technology

It promises to break down language barriers, allowing content creators to reach a global audience in their authentic vocal style. Moreover, it provides a voice to those who have lost theirs due to medical conditions or other reasons.

Grok AI Chatbot Is Now Available to Premium Subscribers on X

The expansion allows those paying $8 a month to engage with Grok in either 'Regular' or 'Fun' mode, reflecting Elon Musk's ambition to rival other AI services like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini.

OpenAI Opens Up Access to ChatGPT Without Registration

Previously, accessing ChatGPT required signing up for an OpenAI account, which allowed users to save chat histories and access enhanced features like voice commands and custom instructions.

Google Unveils Its Vids AI-Powered Video Creation Tool for Workspace

Currently in closed beta testing, Vids is scheduled for a broader rollout to more users in June through Google Labs, and will eventually be available for customers with Gemini for Workspace subscriptions.

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