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Vivaldi Browser Gets Cyberpunk-Themed Arcade Game to Compete With Chrome’s T-Rex Game

Chromium-based Vivaldi web browser introduced a new 80s-style arcade game in its latest 3.4 version called Vivaldia, dubbing it “a tough game for tough ones.”

Google Chrome Will Begin to Block Ads Intensively This Summer, but Don't Get Too Excited Just Yet

The browser will fight with poor-quality advertising even harder. Google announced that beginning August 5, it will block ads that violate the new rules.

The New Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Is Finally Here and It Is Available for Windows and macOS

Microsoft has released an official and stable version of the Edge browser that is now based on the Chromium engine.

Chrome Will Prohibit Cookie Tracking

Google will phase out cookie support to increase the privacy of Chrome users. However, such innovations may lead to a reduction in Google's revenue from online advertising.

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