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An electric car is a kind of vehicle that runs on electricity. Unlike conventional vehicles that use gasoline or diesel-powered engines, electric cars use electric motors powered by electricity. Electric vehicles have some key benefits: they are cheaper to run and maintain, they are overall better for the environment because they produce no exhaust emissions, and they can also improve safety.

Tesla Experienced a Global Network Outage

The system of an American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla experienced a massive network outage, due to which many of the company's customers lost access to the devices' internal systems.

Tesla's Main Announcements From Battery Day

Tesla held its annual shareholders' meeting in California. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, it was held in the open air, and the shareholders were in their cars, observing social distancing rules.

Canadian Entrepreneur Launches a Dating App Exclusively for Tesla Owners

Canadian entrepreneur Ajitpal Grewal loves Tesla so much that he decided to launch a dating app exclusively for Tesla owners.

Elon Musk Shared a Render of the First Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Europe

The fourth Gigafactory for Tesla is supposed to open in 2021, near Berlin, and become the first Tesla factory in Europe.

3 Reasons Why Tesla Share Price Reached Its Record-High Level and Then Fell. What's Happening?

Elon Musk’s company has always been a focus of everyone’s attention, and the demand for Tesla is growing day by day. We saw how the price per share reached its record-high level, but then stocks fell. Why?

Perhaps It Will Soon Be Possible to Play “The Witcher” in Tesla Cars

Elon Musk surprises us again. He launched a poll on Twitter, and maybe it will soon be possible to play “the Witcher” in Tesla cars.

Tesla Cars Will Soon Talk to People

Tesla electric cars will learn to talk for pedestrian safety. They will learn how to alert people when cars are approaching.

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