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Here, you will find the news and articles about the European Union, the political and economic union of 27 member states located primarily in Europe.

Apple Opens Up Direct App Downloads Through Web Sites in the EU

For users, the process to install web-distributed apps involves setting permissions within their device settings, and they will be greeted with a detailed installation screen that provides comprehensive information about the app.

AltStore PAL Is the First Alternative iPhone App Store in the EU

For an annual fee of just €1.50, users can access AltStore PAL and enjoy apps like Delta, a versatile emulator for classic Nintendo games, and Clip, a sophisticated clipboard manager that operates continuously in the background.

European Union Sets Global Precedent with First Comprehensive AI Law

It outlaws specific AI applications deemed harmful to citizens' rights, including emotion detection in workplaces and schools, social scoring, predictive policing based solely on profiling, and manipulative or exploitative AI systems.

Spotify Challenges Apple's App Store Policies in the EU with a Subscription Update

This decision comes as a direct response to the EU's critique of Apple's restrictive rules, which have limited third-party developers from informing users about alternative, more affordable streaming services outside the iOS ecosystem.

Apple to Allow Third-Party App Stores and Payment Options in the EU

Users will be able to download approved alternative app marketplaces and set them as the default option on their devices. Developers can also choose to use third-party payment systems without paying an additional fee to Apple.

Adobe Abandons Its $20 Billion Acquisition of Figma Amid Regulatory Pressure

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had expressed apprehensions that the merger could negatively impact competition in the digital design sector, potentially stifling innovation in the field.

Meta Introduces an Ad-Free Subscription for Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Starting in November, individuals in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland will have the option to pay for a monthly subscription that allows them to use Facebook and Instagram without encountering ads.

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