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How to Make It Big in the Fashion Industry

In 2021, the fashion and beauty industry continue to undergo the most striking changes that began in 2020. If you adapt to these changes in time, you can succeed in self-promotion.

Gucci Unveiled the First $12 Virtual Sneakers

Wanna co-founder and CEO Sergey Arkhangelskiy said he is sure the digital fashion market would grow. He believes that augmented reality technologies will continue to be integrated into online stores for brands and retailers.

Things to Do This Weekend: YouTube Channels About Fascinating Hobbies

Do you want to take up a hobby or just watch others handcrafting something? In this article, we have gathered some captivating YouTube channels about a wide variety of hobbies – from rug making to knitting.

Quiz: Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

Have you ever moved house? If so, then you understand this pain: piles of old clothes, furniture, non-working electronic devices, and books appear out of nowhere. Are you a hoarder who has too much stuff? Let’s check with our quiz!

Black Friday: What to Buy at a Discount if You Feel Like Shopping

Today is finally Black Friday – the day of huge or, at least, just pleasant discounts. And if you have long wanted to buy chic lingerie or a game on Steam, now is about time to cheer yourself up with a purchase.

Quiz: What Shoes Should You Buy This Winter?

After passing this short and fun quiz, you will find out which shoes are right for you for the winter season. We will try to figure out which shoes you prefer, and you will find out if we could guess your taste.

Lumen Couture Presented a Customizable Led Matrix Face Mask

The fabric of the mask is a two-layer breathable mesh that can be washed and become a regular mask after you remove the LED Flex Panel. A battery and a charging cord are included in the kit.

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