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Handy Tips: How to Tell the Perfect Lie

We all know lying is bad, but certain situations give us no other option. We have a bunch of tips that can make that lie more convincing, so in this article, we will teach you the art of perfect lie.

Bumble Introduced Night in Feature That Lets You Play Games on a Virtual Date

For now, the only available game users from the US and Canada can try is a series of trivia questions that people on a date can answer together to get to know each other better. The app promises to add more games and activities in the near future.

Here's Why Internet Dating Is Like Arranged Marriage

The use of dating sites, including dating for marriage, has recently become more popular in the United States. According to statistics, a third of American couples who got married met online.

Orbiting: A Relationship in Which One Is a Social Media Stalker

Orbiting is a new term that means keeping a person in your orbit – close enough to see each other, but far enough to actually talk.

Here's What You Need to Write About Yourself on Tinder

One good photo is not enough for successful dating. You also need to write about yourself in a right way to find a partner.

Budgeting for Couples: How to Manage Money as a Couple

Differences in income levels, different approaches to saving, uncertainty about the future, or feelings for each other raise questions of financial coexistence to a new level. Is all that is mine now yours? And is yours now mine?

A Study Says Around 48% of US Couples Now First Meet Online

Online dating has almost doubled since 2009. As the researchers explained, society has become more relaxed about the couples that have formed thanks to the Internet.

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