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Spyware is a form of malware that hides on your device, monitors your activity, and can steal such information like passwords.

mSpy: Guardian in the World of Digital Possibilities

In today's world, where digital technologies have become an integral part of everyday life, security and control take precedence. This is where the mSpy program steps in, serving as a reliable tool for monitoring and protection.

Apple Launched Lockdown Mode to Protect At-Risk Users From Spyware

Lockdown Mode is Apple's answer to new cybersecurity challenges, specifically government-sponsored spyware. It is turned off by default and can be enabled in the Privacy & Security section of Settings.

Israel's Supreme Court Obliged the Government to Legislate COVID-19 Phone-Tracking

Israel's Supreme Court will prohibit the use of mobile phones to track people infected with coronavirus unless the Israeli parliament legitimizes this practice by the end of April.

Israel Will Use Anti-Terrorist Tracking Technology to Fight the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Israel is planning to use anti-terrorist tracking technology to fight COVID-19. According to the authorities, the system will track those who were in contact with infected people, and then their data will be sent to doctors and the police.

An Iranian App That Could Allegedly Detect COVID-19 Is Suspected of Spying on Its Users

In early March, Iranians received a message from the Iranian Ministry of Health, in which they were asked to install the AC19 app that supposedly detected COVID-19. In reality, it was created by authorities to monitor citizens' data.

Pornography Email Scam Is Going Viral: Millions of People Are Being Blackmailed

This kind of fraud is also called sextortion, and it involves hackers threatening people to share videos of them allegedly watching porn in case people don’t pay them money.

The Allegedly Spying App ToTok Gets Removed from Google Play Once Again

Now, it’s been almost a month since the app was reinstated, and Google has removed ToTok from the Play Store again.

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