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A startup is usually described as a young company that is at an early stage of its development. Such companies are founded by one or more people to develop products or services that are unique on the market. Startups may raise additional investments from venture capitalists or crowdfunding contributors.

Grok AI Chatbot Is Now Available to Premium Subscribers on X

The expansion allows those paying $8 a month to engage with Grok in either 'Regular' or 'Fun' mode, reflecting Elon Musk's ambition to rival other AI services like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini.

Neuralink's Next Implant Called Blindsight Aims to Restore Vision

Blindsight is currently undergoing testing in monkeys, promising a future where its resolution, initially similar to early Nintendo graphics, could surpass that of natural human vision.

OpenAI and Figure Unveil ChatGPT-Powered Humanoid Robot

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in merging digital intelligence with physical tasks, showcasing a future where robots can understand, interact, and assist in real-world environments.

Apple Acquires Canadian Startup DarwinAI to Boost On-Device AI Capabilities

The acquisition brings the expertise of DarwinAI's team, including AI researcher Alexander Wong from the University of Waterloo, directly into Apple's AI division.

Nothing Unveils an Affordable Phone (2a) with a Unique Design

The Phone (2a) retains the signature transparent back panel but introduces a horizontal camera array, distinguishing it from its predecessors' vertical configurations.

Neuralink's Human Patient Can Now Control a Computer Mouse Using Thoughts

Neuralink's pioneering approach involves surgically implanting a chip into a region of the brain that controls the intention to move, enabling direct communication between the brain and external devices.

Neuralink Makes Historic Breakthrough with First Human Brain Chip Implant

The implant, named Telepathy, is designed to establish a seamless connection between the human brain and external devices, allowing individuals to control computers or smartphones with mere thoughts.

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