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Crowd Protocol

Dear Dr. Zelenko,
I feel the need to share my experience with you, so that you know that hundreds, if not thousands of people stand with you.
I'm a 72 yr old woman with CML, I contracted covid sometime between purim & pesach. I tried pushing it thru, not telling my children how I felt. But I felt awful, I sweated terribly at night, thus disturbing my sleep, I was weak to the point that I felt faint and unable to stand for too long. I took tylenol around the clock even though tylenol is contraindicated with the meds I take; (gleevec) for my CML. I was experiencing shortness of breath, and my chest hurt to breath. My oldest son caught onto my poor health situation, and spoke to his doctor who prescribed your prescribed cocktail, hydroxychloriquine, zpack & zinc. At first I was hesitant to take it, after all the bad press it had received. But one of my sons who's in the medical field in Israel ok'd the meds for me by his friend, an oncologist. So hesitantly, I took the first dose on a sunday morning, 2 hydroxychloriquine pills, 2 erythromycin pills 1 zinc. I then continued with the regimen as per the way you dispensed it and recommended it to your patients. By monday night, I started feeling a bit better, my chest wasnt hurting me anymore, but the sweat continued. Wednesday morning I woke up having slept a full night the first time in weeks. I felt much better, the breathing was deeper and clearer. I was regaining my strength, at that point I knew I did the right thing by taking hydroxychloriquine. By the time I took my last dose, Thursday morning, I felt so good, that I didn't think I need to finish the meds. My children gave me no choice, I took the meds and have been feeling good ever since. Thanks so much for your help. May Hashem repay you, for a basar v'dam certainly can't. "He who saves one life is as if he saved the whole world!"