is a platform that was established during the COVID-19 pandemic, to crowd-source an effective treatment for COVID-19 via a methodology and protocol utilizing Real World Evidence (or Data) a.k.a RWE (or RWD).
Following the publicity surrounding Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, physicians around the world started sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter describing their real world challenges and treatment successes in this battle to save lives with this new viral enemy. aggregates all these conversations to allow the exchange of ideas to develop a treatment protocol that works to defeat the virus.


  1. CrowdProtocol is the “go to” resource for doctors to be kept up to speed on the latest treatments, studies and papers from around the world.
  2. CrowdProtocol is a forum where doctors can discuss treatments and exchange information with other doctors in an attempt to improve treatments, thereby “crowd sourcing” to arrive at protocols that work.
  3. CrowdProtocol will assist you in utilizing data generated in primary care practices (i.e. outpatient setting) to submit peer-reviewed papers and studies that will quickly guide decisions on effective treatment or protocol. We urgently need to do this before any possible "second wave" may hit with this next winter flu season.

CrowdProtocol’s goal is to develop robust outpatient data to support the hypothesis that, as in most viral diseases, early treatment interventions are historically more effective than waiting until late stage illness when patients are hospitalized.
Most clinical studies to date have been focused on hospitalized, critically ill patients. At that point, none of the antivirals are very effective, and critical care specialists primarily focus on supportive care (ventilation, fluids, oxygen, corticosteroids, antibiotics for superimposed bacterial infections, etc).
Clinical outcomes studies in which hydroxychloroquine (various protocols, some with azithromycin, some without; some with zinc, some without) has been used in the first week after symptom onset show HCQ to be effective in reducing severity of disease and progression to hospitalization, as well as reducing deaths. In the largest ongoing survey of physicians treating COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin remain the most commonly used and effective therapeutics in outpatient care.
The crowd-sourcing of additional outpatient data will lend further support to the hypothesis that early treatment is critical to controlling the spread of the virus and dramatically reducing mortality rates.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your input is critical towards crowd-sourcing an effective protocol in the treatment of Covid-19.
Please sign up. If you have treatment data, apply for a research grant of up to $25,000. Retrospective analysis of your data by our research team can show the efficacy of your protocol within weeks.
You provide your input and/or the data and we will do everything else. Thank you for joining us in this crucial effort to defeat COVID-19 and save lives.