Dr. Zelenko Announces Crowd Protocol


Crowd Protocol Platform

The launch of the CrowdProtocol Platform is a pivotal tool in the war against Covid-19. Crowd-Sourcing a therapeutic and effective protocol that works to treat the majority of patients in an outpatient setting is paramount to ending this crippling pandemic.

Bruce Backman of Reopen-NY Interviews Dr Vladimir Zelenko about the launch of CrowdProtocol-

The global conversation is at odds when life can return to normal. The pandemic’s lockdown has taken a huge societal toll on the public including the loss of over 40 million jobs, in addition a genuine mental health crisis. The loss of life to this virus has been tragic and we must use any tools at our disposal to return to some semblance of routine to repair the damage this coronavirus has wrought on our families and communities.

People are eager to return to stability and normalcy. Unfortunately, many in the medical community and the mainstream media have claimed that we must wait until 2021-2022 when a vaccine might be available. Until then, the solution being touted is mandatory testing, contact tracing and immunity passports, all of which require an unprecedented expansion of government powers and intrusion into our daily life. In the meantime, millions could die, and the world economy will collapse even further while we wait for a “cure”.

The U.S and indeed the world, are not prepared to wait until 2021. Like heroic medics doing triage while bullets are whizzing overhead, family physicians on the front lines battling the pandemic in the city, towns and villages across the world are constantly improvising and testing protocols in a sincere effort to learn what is effective at treating and defeating Covid-19. Following the publicity surrounding Dr Zelenko’s three drug protocol cocktail of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc, doctors from around the world started sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter enumerating the combinations’ effectiveness in treating their patients.

Yet study after study kept on proclaiming that Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective and has terrible side effects. The FDA restricted its use to hospital (in)patients due to safety concerns, making it all but impossible for family doctors and private practitioners to have prescriptions filled for outpatient treatment. Never mind that it has been around for over sixty years and has been taken safely by Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis patients and is frequently and safely prescribed to people including pregnant women for the treatment of malaria.

CrowdProtocol - The Internet Protocol
CrowdProtocol is a web-platform, and its purpose is to present a true, evidenced-based, science-backed narrative regarding medical research.

In a media briefing dated May 25 2020, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom, said that it was suspending several trials of HCQ due to safety concerns, yet in the same briefing it shockingly admitted that, ‘that these drugs are accepted as generally safe for use in patients with autoimmune diseases or malaria.’ (https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-covid-19---22-may-2020)

The media became complicit in this farce after President Trump claimed in mid-March, that HCQ might work and that there is no need for an extended lockdown. President Trump later doubled down by saying that he was following Dr Zelenko’s protocol and was ‘feeling great.’ This caused a media sensation and outcry accusing the President of putting lives in danger.

Yet survey after survey show most doctors around the world are using HCQ as a treatment in the inpatient setting and outpatient setting. This was all dismissed as “anecdotal evidence” and not worthy of scientific consideration.

Enter CrowdProtocol.com.

CrowdProtocol seeks to develop robust outpatient data to support the hypothesis that, as in most viral diseases, early treatment interventions are historically more effective than waiting until late stage illness when patients are hospitalized.

Most clinical studies to date have been focused on hospitalized, critically ill patients and at that point, none of the antiviral medications are very effective, and critical care specialists primarily focus on supportive care (ventilation, fluids, oxygen, corticosteroids, antibiotics for superimposed bacterial infections, etc.).

Clinical outcome studies in which various protocols that include anti-virals have been used in the first week after presentation of symptoms, show it to be effective in reducing severity of disease and progression to hospitalization, as well as drastically reducing the mortality rate. In the largest ongoing survey of physicians treating COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin remain the most commonly used and effective therapeutics in outpatient care.

The crowd-sourcing of additional outpatient data will lend further support to the hypothesis that early treatment is critical to controlling the spread of the virus and dramatically reducing mortality rates.

CrowdProtocol’s strategy in procuring this data and generating support for a medical protocol as a way of dealing with Covid-19 and finding our way out of this horrible pandemic, is three-fold.

It begins by mimicking how medical research is done in academia. CrowdProtocol has the infrastructure to analyze outpatient data provided by private doctors and assist in authoring a retrospective study to be submitted for peer review, thereby generating the necessary scientific basis for supporting a working protocol. The media may try to dismiss one or two doctors with the “anecdotal data” diminution, they will NOT be able to dismiss hundreds if not thousands of doctors utilizing protocols with successful outcomes.

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In addition, CrowdProtocol will be a forum where doctors can stay up to date on the latest Covid-19 news and medical reports, share observations and learn from one another in a quest to improve the protocol.

The second area where CrowdProtocol will be instrumental, is to acquire a substantial database of testimonials from Covid-19 survivors and their experience in what treatments helped them to survive the virus. There are currently over 4.2 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide of which over 1.3 million confirmed cases are in the USA. Giving voice to Covid-19 survivors via testimonials that will enable medical researchers to have insight into the real-world experience of this virus’ survivors.

The third area seeks to galvanize support for the use of an outpatient protocol to end this pandemic. Supporters can give voice to their support by signing a petition calling for the FDA to expand the use of off label prescriptions on widely available and safe drugs, thereby allowing for doctors in an outpatient setting to use all the tools at their disposal to successfully care for their patients.

For the United States and other countries to return to business and life as usual, we need a series of innovative methods that help us treat and prevent the onset of COVID-19’s most serious complications.

Crowd-sourcing a medical protocol that has demonstrated its effectiveness in defeating the virus in the early onset of the disease or in its prevention makes eminent rational, logical and clinical sense. To safely reopen the economy, we need to zero in on the high-risk population such as frontline medical workers, those with comorbidities or the elderly and intervene early enough in the disease process with an effective treatment protocol.

If, in a year from now, people are going to big public events—such as games or concerts in a stadium—it will be because doctors together with researchers have discovered an extremely effective grassroots therapeutic protocol. Fortunately, CrowdProtocol is positioned to be the platform where an effective treatment protocol will be sourced and verified.

Every additional week it takes to validate a protocol that works, is a week in which life cannot completely return to normal.

CrowdProtocol, is proof positive that humanity working together can break this disease’s stranglehold. With the right protocol in hand, and early intervention, we will be able to declare an end to this pandemic in the immediate, as opposed to the distant, future.