PayPal Launches New Service to Let Users Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

PayPal made every effort for the cryptocurrency market development. Popular payment service announced a new service enabling its customers to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Successfully Touches Bennu Asteroid in a Historic Mission

The daring mission will help scientists better understand the origins of the universe and our solar system as well as answer some crucial questions like how water ended up on Earth.

Protests in Thailand Led to the Blocking of Telegram

Thailand police ordered the digital ministry to restrict the Free YOUTH group on Telegram, which played a key role in organizing protests. Authorities have been unable to stop rallies, and more than 80 people have been arrested since Tuesday.

SpaceX Successfully Launched 60 New Starlink Internet Satellites Once Again

SpaceX made it again: Elon Musk's company launched one more stack of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit. The company made another step closer to providing high-speed broadband internet to everyone.

LG Announced the Launch of the World's First Rollable TV

LG finally introduced the first rollable TV for $87,000, which is available in four colors: Signature Black, Moon Gray, Topaz Blue, or Toffee Brown.

Xiaomi vs. Apple: Android Giant Reduces Plastic in Its Box by 60%, Keeping the Charger

Xiaomi surpassed Apple and reduced plastic used in smartphone packaging by 60%. The changes will only affect the box, so users will receive all the needed accessories, including a charger, USB-C cable, and even a case.

Facebook AI-Based Machine Learning Model Can Translate Between 100 Languages

Facebook unveiled a multilingual machine translation model (MMT) called M2M-100 that can translate directly between over 100 languages without relying on English.

After Five Years, the OnePlus Watch Is Getting Ready for Release

Back in 2016, co-founder of the smartphone giant OnePlus, Carl Pei, shared sketches of a smartwatch. But in 2016, the company canceled the presentation of smartwatches at the last moment, deciding it did not meet the brand's high standards.

Weekly Fun: A Coffee Maker Mining Cryptocurrency and Politically-Themed Halloween Decorations

This week’s Weekly Fun features an IT expert who made its coffee maker mine cryptocurrency, an awkward poster dedicated to doctors fighting COVID-19, and politically-themed Halloween decorations of a university history teacher.

Doom Eternal Runs on a Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Instagram user installed the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app on a smart fridge and then launched Doom Eternal on its screen, using the xCloud streaming service's capabilities.

Weekly Fun: Jeff Bezos Memes and Keanu Reeves at a Teddy Bear Convention

This week’s Weekly Fun features young Keanu Reeves at a teddy bear convention, memes about Jeff Bezos, Samuel L. Jackson teaching voters how to swear, and an awkward sketch that won in a drawing competition.

Weekly Fun: Anime Style Snapchat Filter, New Pantone Color, and a Space Toilet Worth $23 Million

This week’s Weekly Fun features a new red shade dedicated to menstruation, a $23-worth toilet designed by NASA for the International Space Station, and swearing grey parrots.

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