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Facebook Cancels F8 Conference Because of the Coronavirus

The company’s biggest event of the year gets canceled amid the Coronavirus outbreak to protect people’s safety and health.

Uber Partners Up with Adomni to Bring Ads on Top of Its Vehicles

Uber will even create a new business unit called Uber OOH (which stands for Out of House) powered by Adomni partnership.

Artificial Intelligence Helped Discover New Antibiotic Compounds

Neural networks scanned a database of over 6,000 chemical compounds and identified a new one called halicin in a matter of hours.

The New “Fantasy Island" Is a Terrible Horror

The new "Fantasy Island" became one of the worst horror movies. It was intended to be a gloomy reinvention of the eponymous series, but something went wrong with the script.

The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

This year, at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 special event in San Francisco, the company showed three new models: the Galaxy S20, S20 +, and S20 Ultra. Samsung decided to change the serial number of the line.

Apple Patented an iPhone That Is Entirely Made of Glass

Patent number 20200057525 is titled “Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure” and it describes an iPhone that has a six-sided glass enclosure that will look like a single piece of glass.

Hot Wheels Created the Tesla Cybertruck That Accelerates to 40 km/h

The American company Hot Wheels introduced a radio-controlled toy copy of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck. The miniature version of Cybertruck will go on sale in December 2020.

How Coronavirus Affects Apple: iPhone Prices Will Rise, iPhone 9 and iPad Pro Are Delayed

iPhone production in Chinese factories is behind schedule. At this stage, Apple can process from 30 to 50% of orders. The iPhone 9 may be released in April, but now it is unlikely to be cheap.

Weekly Fun: Amusing and Absurd Establishing Paternity Cases

This week features funny and absurd cases of establishing paternity as well as secrets of the most influential people in the world who get involved in legal proceedings, too.

Amazon Dating: Buy Yourself a Partner. *Friday Discounts May Apply

Amazon Dating is a site where single people can buy themselves a soulmate, sometimes even at a discount and with home delivery. You can also put yourself up for sale.

Weekly Fun: Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes and Valentines for Your Ex

This week features the funniest memes dedicated to Valentine's Day as well as list of phrases that you can use in Valentines to your ex.

Amusing Sex Traditions Around the World

Every nation has customs and traditions that can seem shocking to others. And this applies not only to strange eating habits, but to peculiar ways of sexual interaction as well.