OpenAI Launches Voice Engine to Revolutionize Text-to-Speech Technology

It promises to break down language barriers, allowing content creators to reach a global audience in their authentic vocal style. Moreover, it provides a voice to those who have lost theirs due to medical conditions or other reasons.

Grok AI Chatbot Is Now Available to Premium Subscribers on X

The expansion allows those paying $8 a month to engage with Grok in either 'Regular' or 'Fun' mode, reflecting Elon Musk's ambition to rival other AI services like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini.

OpenAI Opens Up Access to ChatGPT Without Registration

Previously, accessing ChatGPT required signing up for an OpenAI account, which allowed users to save chat histories and access enhanced features like voice commands and custom instructions.

OpenAI Reveals Videos Created with Sora, Showcasing New Possibilities in AI-Driven Filmmaking

The technology's implications for the creative sector are profound, as it could significantly reduce the need for extensive human crews and change the way visual content is produced.

Xiaomi Debuts Open Earphones, Expanding Audio Innovation with Unique Design

The earphones integrate dual microphones and a state-of-the-art anti-leakage system to enhance voice clarity and privacy during calls by reducing background noise and preventing sound leakage.

Microsoft and OpenAI Reportedly to Develop a $100 Billion AI Supercomputer Named Stargate

Insiders reveal that Stargate represents the pinnacle of a five-phase strategy developed by both companies, intending to progressively build a series of supercomputers within the next six years.

Neuralink's Next Implant Called Blindsight Aims to Restore Vision

Blindsight is currently undergoing testing in monkeys, promising a future where its resolution, initially similar to early Nintendo graphics, could surpass that of natural human vision.

Samsung Expands Mid-Range Galaxy Lineup with A55 and A35 Models

Notably, both devices are the first in Samsung’s A-series to include Knox Vault, enhancing security by physically isolating sensitive data from the main processor and memory.

Japanese Bakery Introduces AI-Inspired Romance Bread

This collaboration between traditional baking and cutting-edge technology showcases the potential for AI to innovate in unexpected domains, offering consumers a taste of romance in every bite.

The Xbox Series S Toaster Is Real and Available to Buy at Walmart

What sets this toaster apart is its ability to imprint the Xbox logo onto your toast, making it both a practical kitchen device and a stylish accessory for gaming enthusiasts.

Microsoft Unveils Edible Chocolate Xbox Controller and Console Inspired by Wonka

The tech giant is offering a chance to win a unique Xbox Series X console designed to look like a chocolate bar and a fully edible Xbox controller wrapped in a signature gold wrapper.

Google's Gboard Team in Japan Introduces a Futuristic Hat for On-the-Go Typing

This unconventional device provides a fresh way to type on the go. To input characters, users turn their heads left or right to select and then press down on the hat, creating an audible click akin to traditional keyboard typing.

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