Google and Disney Team up to Bring Mandalorian and Baby Yoda to Augmented Reality

Google and Disney released a new free mobile app for Android users only called The Mandalorian AR Experience, bringing the main characters of the series of the same name to real life using AR.

China Successfully Launched a Lunar Sample Return Mission

If successful, the Chang'e 5 mission would make China the third country to retrieve rock samples from the Earth’s satellite and deliver them to our planet, after the US Apollo and the Soviet Luna missions over fifty years ago.

AstraZeneca's Vaccine Has up to 90% Efficacy in Preventing COVID-19

AstraZeneca together with Oxford University developed a COVID-19 vaccine, which is cheaper than its competitors and shows an average 70% efficacy in pivotal trials and could be up to 90% effective.

Sony and Adult Swim Released a PS5 Ad Featuring Rick and Morty

Adult Swim's YouTube channel released a promotional video featuring Rick and Morty. The video is dedicated to the launch of PS5 sales. In the video, Morty is trying to talk about the console’s major features.

Huawei Announces the Sale of Its Honor Phone Business

Huawei officially announced the sale of its Honor brand. Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co, a consortium of several private and public enterprises, will be the new owner of all of Honor's assets.

Huawei Sells Budget-Brand Smartphone Unit Honor for $15 Billion

Huawei wants to sell a budget-brand smartphone unit Honor. The deal may be closed as early as next Sunday. Among potential buyers of Honor, there are TCL and Xiaomi.

Virgin Hyperloop Completed Its First Test Ride With Actual Passengers

The first passengers of the two-seater Experimental-Pod-2 (XP-2) were chief technology officer and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop Josh Giegel and head of the passenger experience Sara Luchian.

Handy Tips: How to Replace Paid Software With Free Alternatives

This article is for those who want to save some money, and it will be useful in two cases. Of course, you can cheat and download torrents, or you can honestly use our list and master a new skill without spending a penny.

Weekly Fun: A Trump-Like Sculpture and a Rescued Labrador

This week’s Weekly Fun features a Trump-like sculpture that was unsuccessfully restored, a mayor of a Japanese town who gets congratulated on winning the US elections, and Dwayne Johnson, who did not fit into a car.

Weekly Fun: An Albino Turtle and a Press Conference at a Gardening Store

This week’s Weekly Fun features a press conference that was held at a gardening store, an albino turtle, and Kanye West, who plans to participate in future elections.

Weekly Fun: Worst Place in the World and a Polish Song That Became a Meme

This week’s stories feature how Kazakhstan used a catchphrase from the Borat movie as a slogan for a new tourism campaign, a Tesla owner who mocked a car thief, and a Polish song that became a meme.

Weekly Fun: Personal Browser, a Restaurant for Chipmunks, and Penguins Who Stole Eggs

This week’s stories feature a job opening for a Personal Browser who is supposed to surf the Internet, a hacker who guessed Trump's Twitter account password on the fifth attempt, and a restaurant for chipmunks.

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