4 Hot Summer Movies to Watch

Dreaming of summer vacation and carefree days may make you sad, so to make this process more pleasant, we prepared a list of four films for your summer inspiration.

Exclusive: Studies Confirm That Dr. Zelenko’s Treatment Protocol Is Effective Against COVID-19

Our team has received a version of a study on Dr. Zelenko’s treatment protocol that is now getting ready to be published in medical journals, so now seems like the right time to share it in full.

Amazon and Westworld Creators Are Adapting the Best-Selling Video Game Franchise Fallout Into a TV Series

Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to Bethesda's Fallout franchise and, with creators of HBO's Westworld, will produce the TV series for Amazon Prime.

Facebook Shared the Data of Inactive Users With Third Parties

Another data leak occurred on Facebook, the giant social media platform. This time, around 5,000 developers received the data of inactive users.

Samsung Leaked Pics of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a New Color on Its Official Website

On its official Russian website, Samsung published pics of not yet presented Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a new color. The photos have already been deleted, but everyone managed to notice them.

WWDC 2020: Apple Presented Car Key for Wirelessly Unlocking Your Car With an iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple presented wireless car unlocking with the help of an iPhone. Other automakers also offer digital keys with similar capabilities, but they provide separate apps, whereas Apple directly built it into iOS.

Boston Dynamics Launches Commercial Sales of Robot Dog Spot for $74,500

Boston Dynamics started the commercial sales of Spot – robot dogs, which were used to help maintain social distance, clean public places and hospitals, as well as for decommission of nuclear sites, factory floors, construction sites, and even for herding sheep and farming.

Fobase Released Air Pro Real-Time Body Temperature Watch, Which Looks Like Apple Watch

Forbase launched its own “Apple Watch,” which is called Air Pro. It has a wide range of functions and can even measure body temperature. A new smartwatch is available for $29.99, which is 10 times cheaper than Apple Watch.

Weekly Fun: Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Candle, a Church That Looks Like a Bar, and the Office Intro With Dogs

This week’s stories feature the intro to The Office but with dogs as actors, Star Wars Ewoks without fur, and a cat that fell in love with cardboard Danny de Vito.

Weekly Fun: A Donkey Arrested for Gambling, a Racoon Herding Sheep, and a New Google Chrome Game

This week’s stories feature open nightclubs where visitors can dance while only sitting on chairs, a new game for “Where’s Wally” lovers, and a new Google Chrome game.

KFC Introduced KFConsole, a ‘Rival’ to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

This console, as well as its announcement, certainly looks like a parody on the way Sony and Microsoft present their products. KFConsole may well be just a joke, but the timing is just right for the hype.

Weekly Fun: Bigfoot Saxophonist, McGregor Eating Dried Bees, and a Driver With Wolverine Claws

This week’s stories feature McGregor that eats dried bees, a life hack for owners of a hyperactive puppy, a feral cat attacked that a ninja rat, and a driver with Wolverine claws.

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