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Amazon is one of the world’s leading technology companies that primarily sells products over the Internet. Founded in 1995 and located in Seattle, it specializes in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and digital streaming along with media, hardware, data storage, payments, and logistics. has promptly grown into a well-known digital retailer that now sells everything from music and electronics to clothes, jewelry, and furniture. Users can buy items by Amazon’s online marketplace.

Amazon and Westworld Creators Are Adapting the Best-Selling Video Game Franchise Fallout Into a TV Series

Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to Bethesda's Fallout franchise and, with creators of HBO's Westworld, will produce the TV series for Amazon Prime.

Looted Amazon Go Store Automatically Billed Seattle Protesters

One of Amazon Go stores in Seattle was attacked by looters participating in the protest. According to Reddit users, the protesters were billed for the stolen goods.

MWC Was Just the Beginning: One of the Biggest Gaming Events GDC 2020 Was Postponed Due to Coronavirus

One of the most significant gaming events – Game Developers Conference – was supposed to be held on March 16-20 in San Francisco, but got postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Launches the Bezos Earth Fund to Fight Climate Change

The fund will begin issuing grants this summer, although it is unknown who and when may apply yet.

Amazon Fired Several Employees Due to Customer Data Leak

Once again: Amazon has leaked customer data due to the company’s dishonest employees.

Wyze Labs Leaves Sensitive Data of 24 Million Users Exposed Online

The company says that the data leak occurred because of a human error that resulted in the temporary removal of security protocols on December 4th.

Amazon Initiated a Lawsuit Against the Contract of Microsoft and Pentagon

Amazon stressed that Pentagon was biased and made some mistakes when making the final decision.

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