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Big Tech, also known as Big Four tech companies and Gang of Four, denotes some of the largest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and occasionally even Microsoft. These companies are assumed to be the most influential computer and software companies in the world because of their domination over the cyberspace during the 2010s.

Facebook Introduced Collab, a New App for Making Short Music Videos Together

Collab will let you create unique short music video compositions using other people’s posts. But for now, the app is available in an invite-only beta version for iOS users.

Apple and Google Introduced the First Version of COVID-19 Exposure Notification Tech

Google and Apple have announced the launch of the first public Exposure Notification API, which allows creating apps to track contacts with people infected with COVID-19.

The U.S. Congress Is Worried About Facebook's Giphy Acquisition

Facebook recently announced the purchase of Giphy animated image service. U.S. Congress opposed the deal, saying Facebook cannot buy other companies while the antitrust investigation is underway.

Facebook Acquired Giphy for $400 Million and Welcomed It as Part of Instagram

The social media giant bought the GIF-sharing platform that reportedly cost $400 million to integrate it into Instagram.

Apple Acquired a California-Based VR Company NextVR

The NextVR website has changed its slogan to "NextVR is Heading in a New Direction." The company thanked its partners and fans around the world and closed, being completely absorbed by Apple.

Apple to Start Returning Some Employees to Offices in the Following Weeks

The Cupertino company was one of the first to let staff switch to remote work during the pandemic, and it’s now one of the first to return workers to its offices.

Google Tells the Majority of Its Employees to Work from Home Until 2021

Google is extending the company’s work-from-home policy until 2021 in an effort to protect its employees from the coronavirus infection.

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