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The App Store is a digital distribution platform developed by Apple, where users can find apps compatible with the iOS operating system. Through the App Store, users can browse, download, purchase, install, or update certain apps. The software can either be free or commercial.

Apple Will Not Change Its App Store Rules and Decision on the “Hey” Email App

European antitrust investigation begun against Apple because of a 30% commission on sales in apps. Many developers have concerns about Apple policies, but the company is not going to change its rules.

EU Launches Antitrust Investigation Against Apple

Many companies are ready to oppose Apple because, according to these companies, Apple limits users' choices in favor of their own services.

Weekly Fun: An App That Creates Deepfakes, a Pastor Yelling at Coronavirus, and Freeriding Without Leaving the Room

This week’s stories feature an answer to humanity’s most difficult question, an Arizona band with five Neds Flanders, and a woman who accidentally turned into a potato at a Zoom meeting.

Apple Will Not Allow Coronavirus-Themed Apps from Non-Official Entities in the App Store

In order to ensure the “credibility” of health and safety information in the App Store, the Cupertino company will put restrictions on certain apps about the novel coronavirus.

Apple Now Allows iOS Developers to Send Ads Using Push Notifications

For a long time, Apple did not allow developers to use push notifications for advertising and promoting their products. For now, it is not prohibited, but it should be possible to disable these notifications at any time.

The Allegedly Spying App ToTok Gets Removed from Google Play Once Again

Now, it’s been almost a month since the app was reinstated, and Google has removed ToTok from the Play Store again.

The New Free DoubleTake App Can Record from Two iPhone Cameras at the Same Time

Apple introduced the line of iPhone 11 smartphones in early September 2019. At that time, engineers showed that it would be possible to record videos from multiple cameras using the iPhone, and now all users have this opportunity.

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