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The App Store is a digital distribution platform developed by Apple, where users can find apps compatible with the iOS operating system. Through the App Store, users can browse, download, purchase, install, or update certain apps. The software can either be free or commercial.

Apple Didn't Terminate "Sign in With Apple" Support for Epic Games Accounts

On September 11, Apple was going to disable the "Sign In with Apple" authentication system for Epic Games accounts, but today Cupertino company changed its mind.

Apple Filed a Counterclaim Against Epic Games for Breach of the App Store Contract

The Cupertino-based company filed a counterclaim after another Epic Games’s attempt to force Apple to return Fortnite to the App Store.

Epic Games Confirms That Apple Devices Won't Get Fortnite Season 4

Due to ongoing litigation, the fourth season of Fortnite won't be available on iOS or macOS platforms. Apple platforms’ players will be stuck on the current version of Fortnite till the issue are figured out.

The Court Ordered Apple Not to Block Epic Games' Unreal Engine

The conflict between Apple and Epic Games continues. Now, the district court denied Epic Games' motion to temporarily restore Fortnite on the iOS App Store but also ordered Apple not to block Unreal Engine.

Apple Plans to Terminate Epic Games' Developer Accounts

Apple plans to completely terminate Epic's access to the Apple Developer program and close all development tools for iOS and macOS apps on August 28.

How to Reinstall Fortnite on Apple Devices

After Apple removed the popular game Fortnite from the App Store, it became impossible to download it on iOS. Some iPad and iPhone owners started to sell their used devices with Fortnite installed on eBay, but gamers found another way to install the game on iOS.

Fortnite Sues Apple and Google After Being Kicked off Stores

Epic Games has long complained about high fees on payments and in-app purchases on the Apple App Store and Google Play. That's why Epic Games unveiled its own payment system into Fortnite. After that, Apple and Google kicked off Fortnite from its stores.

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