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Apple Pay is a payment service that lets users of Apple devices make purchases and transfer money using an NFC chip built into their smartphones. With Apple Pay, there’s no need to use physical credit cards as they can be stored on devices like iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple Pay is a secure technology that supports major credit and debit card providers, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Apple Will Not Change Its App Store Rules and Decision on the “Hey” Email App

European antitrust investigation begun against Apple because of a 30% commission on sales in apps. Many developers have concerns about Apple policies, but the company is not going to change its rules.

EU Launches Antitrust Investigation Against Apple

Many companies are ready to oppose Apple because, according to these companies, Apple limits users' choices in favor of their own services.

Apple Has a Keen Interest in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cupertino keeps abreast of cryptocurrency market ongoings. Apple Pay updates or a new project development?

New York Tips for Shopping Lovers

NY is a city that never sleeps! NY is always busy! NY is the scent of hot coffee and bakeries! NY is for the grand shopping tour!

Apple Introduced the Rival of Netflix – An Updated Media Subscription Service

On March 25, there was a grand Apple presentation of several media services. Updated and brand-new tools available in the App Store

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