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The Apple Store is a chain of retail stores that can be found in 511 locations, and where customers can shop for the latest Apple products and accessories.

Apple Temporarily Closes All Stores in the UK as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Apple’s stores are closing as they are considered “non-essential” retail businesses, along with mobile phone and electronic goods shops. Apple offers shoppers to buy products online with free and contactless delivery.

Coronavirus Closes Almost 100 Apple Stores Again

Another coronavirus outbreak has begun in California, that's why Apple closed almost all its stores there. Also, Apple Stores closed its doors in Tennessee, Utah, Minnesota, Oregon, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.

Apple Will Open an Online Store in India on September 23

The online Apple Store in India will offer a full range of products from Apple as well as customer support directly in India for the first time.

The First Floating Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands Opened Its Doors

The new store looks like an all-glass dome that offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city. The Pantheon in Rome inspired the authors to create such an Apple Store.

The World's First Floating Apple Store Opens in Singapore

Located in Singapore, on the waterfront of the city-state and known officially as Apple Marina Bay Sands, the iPhone maker's newest retail store is the first-ever floating Cupertino store to soon be opened.

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