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Apple is one of the Big Tech companies that specializes in computer software and electronics. Apple is all about its flagship devices — iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches etc. Here we gather all the Apple company-related news and publications. The Cupertino Company’s fans will get the best digest about the technology giant’s daily routine, current developments, and future projects.

How Coronavirus Affects Apple: iPhone Prices Will Rise, iPhone 9 and iPad Pro Are Delayed

iPhone production in Chinese factories is behind schedule. At this stage, Apple can process from 30 to 50% of orders. The iPhone 9 may be released in April, but now it is unlikely to be cheap.

New Case Against Apple: BlueMail Accuses Apple of Stealing Ideas and Calls on Other Developers to Join

Apple has just recovered from a scandal with Caltech, and suddenly Blix also decided to profit from the company by suing it.

The Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Apple to Close the Company's Stores Until February 9

The Cupertino’s decision is based on the fact that the World Health Organization declared global public health emergency over the outbreak of the virus.

Apple and Broadcom Are Obliged to Pay Caltech $1.1 Billion for a Patent Infringement

Apple and Broadcom must now pay $837 million and $270 million, respectively, for infringing on a patent related to wireless data transmission.

The New Free DoubleTake App Can Record from Two iPhone Cameras at the Same Time

Apple introduced the line of iPhone 11 smartphones in early September 2019. At that time, engineers showed that it would be possible to record videos from multiple cameras using the iPhone, and now all users have this opportunity.

Apple's Latest Patent Is an All-Glass iMac

The US Patent and Trademark Office approved Apple's application that describes a new version of the company’s iMac. The critical difference between the new device and the previous model is a curved glass case.

Bad News: Apple Canceled End-To-End Backup Encryption. Good News: We Will Teach You How to Give up iCloud Backup

If you’re not paranoid, it doesn’t mean no one is watching you. We will teach you how to store your backups without showing the authorities photos of you wearing a swimsuit.