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Here, you can find all articles related to the various branches of creative activity, such as literature, painting, dance, and music, as well as the diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory, or performing artworks.

An NFT Artwork Created by Sophia the Robot Sold for $688,000

An NFT artwork created by humanoid robot Sophia was sold at auction for $688 thousand. This is the first-ever sale of an NFT artwork created by artificial intelligence, based on the work of the Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Created a Digital Art Gallery for NFTs

Non-fungible tokens act as a certificate of authenticity for digital objects such as GIF, JPEG, MP3, or other digital art forms. Over the past month, people have spent over $1 billion on digital assets.

Weekly Fun: Floating Icebergs and Drones Recreating Van Gogh's Paintings in the Sky

This week's stories feature 600 drones that showed the life story and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh in the sky, and a website that lets you see how an iceberg would float in the water.

An Artist Fooled Google Maps Using 99 Smartphones

A German performance artist Simon Weckert tricked the internal algorithms of Google Maps and created a fake traffic jam on an almost empty road. However, he’s not the first artist to deceive Google.

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