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600 drones recreate the life and paintings of Van Gogh in the night sky

In Tianjin, China, 600 drones showed the life story and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The show has made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest animation ever done by unmanned aerial vehicles. In the story, the drones "opened" an album in which they recreated the artist's famous paintings, including Sunflowers, Bedroom in Arles, Wheat Field with Cypresses, his self-portrait, and many others. The whole show was organized by the EFYI Group, a drone manufacturer, in partnership with Tianjin University.

Scientists are breaking stereotypes about icebergs. You can draw your own ice floe and see how it would look in the water

Very often, people imagine how icebergs look like the wrong way. The image of an ice mountain widespread in pop culture and the Internet is actually false. But now you can see how an iceberg of any shape would float in the water – just draw it. The first person to draw attention to the problem was the climatologist and glaciologist (specialist in the study of ice and snow) Megan Thompson-Munson. She dedicated a Twitter thread to this.

The developer Joshua Tauberer, known for creating GovTrack, the popular website for tracking the activities of members of the US Congress, got into the thread and added a link to this website, where you can draw an iceberg of absolutely any shape and see how it, based on all parameters, would actually float. Tauberer clarified that his visualization is not perfectly accurate. It is "approximate."

Users liked to create their own icebergs very much.