Cambridge Analytica

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Cambridge Analytica is a data-analysis firm that offered services to businesses and political parties. Collecting data from a wide range of sources, CA claimed to analyze consumer data and identify which people could be targeted by marketing campaigns. The company is notorious for harvesting data of millions of Facebook users without their permission to be used for political advertising, which is known as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach that occurred in early 2018.

Facebook Shared the Data of Inactive Users With Third Parties

Another data leak occurred on Facebook, the giant social media platform. This time, around 5,000 developers received the data of inactive users.

Twitter: Real Fail or Next Data Leaks?

Big Twitter mistake made noise again. Personal data was used not for safety or security purposes.

The Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Recommends to Stay Away from Facebook

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is very disturbed with the Big Tech interrupting in the private life of people. Facebook is making money on people.

540 Million Records of Facebook Users Leaked from Amazon Server to the Open Access

Facebook users data, collected by third-party developers, was located on the Amazon cloud-based server and was publicly available. The storage contained two archives.

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