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Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 is a condition caused by the novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. The new coronavirus is identified as the cause of an outbreak (that later escalated into a pandemic) of respiratory illness that was first detected in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 has not been previously identified in humans until now. Common signs of infection are cough, fever, and breathing difficulties.

News Digest: Pieces of News About Beetles, Bacteria, Microplastics, and Studio Ghibli Online Tours

Did you know that American prisoners want to get sick with COVID-19 on purpose? And that to find out what species a beetle belongs to, scientists need to study its penis for 7 years? Enjoy our news digest and find out!

Apple and Google Introduced the First Version of COVID-19 Exposure Notification Tech

Google and Apple have announced the launch of the first public Exposure Notification API, which allows creating apps to track contacts with people infected with COVID-19.

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Spot Can Herd Sheep

Boston Dynamics' robotic dog Spot continues to develop, helping to maintain distance during quarantine, deliver drugs, and even herd sheep.

Facebook Labeled About 50 Million Fake Posts About Coronavirus in April

In its April report, Facebook said it found 50 million posts with fake information related to the novel coronavirus in April. In March, 40 million messages were detected.

Twitter CEO Says Some Employees Can Work From Home Forever

Some of the tech giant’s employees may never get back to the offices and will work from home indefinitely. Twitter said that the past few months “have proven we can make that work.”

Twitter Will Put Warnings and Labels on Misleading COVID-19 Tweets

These labels and warning messages will provide users with additional information or context on tweets with COVID-19 misleading information.

Google Tells the Majority of Its Employees to Work from Home Until 2021

Google is extending the company’s work-from-home policy until 2021 in an effort to protect its employees from the coronavirus infection.

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