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In this category, you will find various articles related to medicine and health topics. Here, you can find out about the best health apps, recent medical advances, the ways large corporations and companies make efforts to improve people’s health and boost their well-being, and a lot more.

Handy Tips: How to Measure Your Heart Rate on iPhone

You don’t necessarily need an Apple Watch or external monitor to measure you heart rate when needed. Today, we will tell you how to measure your heart rate solely thanks to your smartphone.

Meta-Analysis of the Randomized Controlled Trials of Early Ambulatory Hydroxychloroquine in the Prevention of COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death

Medrxiv, an Internet site distributing complete but unpublished manuscripts in the areas of medicine and clinical research, published a meta-analysis of the randomized controlled trials of early ambulatory hydroxychloroquine in the prevention of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Urges Everyone to Use His Treatment Protocols to Save Lives

Dr. Zelenko again urges everyone to take action and seriously consider using his protocols in COVID-19 treatment, even if this will mean changing your current doctor as many of them are afraid to try protocols that really work.

What Is Today? World Contraception Day and National Johnny Appleseed Day

Today is World Contraception Day, which was first celebrated in 2007 at the initiative of a number of organizations working on reproductive health, and also National Johnny Appleseed Day in honor of John Chapman.

Quiz: How Strong Is Your Immune System?

The cold season is always a test for the body. Lack of vitamins, rapid temperature fluctuations, depressed mood – all this affects our well-being in a way.

Quiz: Will you Have Depression This Fall?

Do you know anyone who has never gone through depression at least once? This even happens to celebrities (remember the stories about Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Selena Gomez). Take our quiz and find out if depression will knock at your door this fall.

FDA Approved Abbott's Quick $5 COVID-19 Test

The FDA approved BinaxNOW, a cheap and 15-minute COVID-19 test from Abbott. The test can be done at home without visiting a specialized laboratory.

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