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In this category, you will find various articles related to medicine and health topics. Here, you can find out about the best health apps, recent medical advances, the ways large corporations and companies make efforts to improve people’s health and boost their well-being, and a lot more.

China: A Case of Bubonic Plague Is Suspected in Inner Mongolia

Initially, the emergence of bubonic plague was reported in the west of Mongolia. It was there that two cases of the disease were registered. The authorities quickly realized the importance of the situation and imposed quarantine.

Exclusive: Studies Confirm That Dr. Zelenko’s Treatment Protocol Is Effective Against COVID-19

Our team has received a version of a study on Dr. Zelenko’s treatment protocol that is now getting ready to be published in medical journals, so now seems like the right time to share it in full.

Coronavirus Dreams: Why Am I Having Weird Dreams Lately

Weird dreams or insomnia are the signs of stress that many people have experienced during the pandemic. In this article, we will tell you how sleep disorders are associated with COVID-19 and what to do about it.

Handy Tips: How to Test the Reliability of a Medical Face Mask

Face masks help limit the spread of the coronavirus, so having a reliable mask that will protect you is crucial for staying heathy and keeping others safe. Today, we will tell you how to check whether your medical mask can really protect you.

How to Keep Your Office Employees Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A lot of employees now have an opportunity to work from home. But what about those involved in essential processes who simply cannot work remotely? In this article, read about how to organize work within the office and keep employees safe.

CrowdProtocol Is Looking for Volunteers! Dr. Zelenko Invites All Those Wishing to Take Part in the Project to Help Make It Better

We are looking for translators who can translate important articles and crucial treatment protocols; social media marketing specialists; video editors, and designers who are ready and willing to collaborate.

The FDA Makes History by Approving the First-Ever Prescription Video Game

The game is called EndeavorRx, formerly known as Project EVO. It was specifically designed to help children with ADHD focus their attention and improve this function.

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