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In this category, you will find various articles related to medicine and health topics. Here, you can find out about the best health apps, recent medical advances, the ways large corporations and companies make efforts to improve people’s health and boost their well-being, and a lot more.

How to Look Great Again After a Weekend of Partying

After every weekend comes the routine of working days. And sometimes, it comes at a very wrong time. In this article, we will tell you how to feel and look healthy and great again after a weekend of drinking.

Handy Tips: How to Influence the Sex of Your Baby

Do you want a baby and have your heart set on having a little boy? We will tell you how to arrange that! While many people are scared to admit they have a certain preference for the sex of their unborn child, there are ways you can try to achieve your dreams.

How Does Work Addiction Affect Your Mental Health?

Modern society treats work not only as a necessity, but also as the most important thing in life. Workaholism is a socially approved addiction. Some experts consider it a mental disorder that leads to emotional exhaustion, depression, and physical disabilities.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was included into a group of doctors from around the world that were nominated as a group for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

Handy Tips: 5 Reasons Why Wine Is Good for You

The French smoke a lot, eat fatty cheeses and pâtés, but they suffer from heart diseases 40% less than other Europeans. Here's why.

The 4 Best Mindfulness Apps of 2021

Mindfulness apps have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, promising to help you sleep better, combat anxiety, or hone your focus. Here are the most valuable and easy-to-use mindfulness apps.

Kaspersky Lab Found Coronavirus Vaccines for $500 on Darknet

Kaspersky Lab cannot make an unambiguous conclusion whether the offers for the sale of vaccines on the darknet are scams or whether buyers really get what they are looking for.

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