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Cybersecurity as a practice of using processes and technologies that protect any data, computer systems, networks, programs, and devices from any kinds of cyberattacks or unauthorised access. There are several forms of cybersecurity such as network, application, and operational security etc. Cybersecurity also refers to ensuring the availability and integrity of information. The most challenging thing for cybersecurity is the evolution of security risks.

Microsoft Offers $100,000 for Hacking Its Linux-Based OS Azure Sphere

The challenge is dubbed Azure Sphere Security Research Challenge and is an extension of Azure Security Lab that was announced last year.

500,000 Zoom Logins Were Sold Through an Anonymous Telegram Account

A new Zoom scandal occurred due to poor privacy. This time, 500,000 Zoom logins were leaked to a private Telegram account, and then accounts were redeemed by Cyble cybersecurity experts for $6,000.

What Is a Firewall? A Manual for Dummies

A firewall is a set of tools for monitoring and filtering network traffic according to predefined rules. There are software firewalls that are installed on a computer, and hardware firewalls in the form of an external unit.

Nearly 500,000 Hacked Zoom Accounts Were Sold on Dark Web

Zoom is having more severe problems. About 530,000 accounts were sold for pennies, and some were even given away for free. Many companies, including Google, have barred employees from using the service.

An Unknown Hacker Stole the Source Code for AMD's Big Navi and Xbox Series X GPU “Arden” and Tried to Sell It for $100 Million

An Unknown hacker stole the source code for the Big Navi and Arden GPUs. He says that if no buyer appears, he will leak the data on the Internet. The hacker is trying to sell stolen info for $100 million.

Google Location Data Made a Random Biker Suspected in a Burglary

A man from Florida suddenly turned out to be a burglary suspect, although he simply used a fitness app and transmitted data to Google to track his cycling.

Pornography Email Scam Is Going Viral: Millions of People Are Being Blackmailed

This kind of fraud is also called sextortion, and it involves hackers threatening people to share videos of them allegedly watching porn in case people don’t pay them money.

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