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Cybersecurity as a practice of using processes and technologies that protect any data, computer systems, networks, programs, and devices from any kinds of cyberattacks or unauthorised access. There are several forms of cybersecurity such as network, application, and operational security etc. Cybersecurity also refers to ensuring the availability and integrity of information. The most challenging thing for cybersecurity is the evolution of security risks.

Apple Bolsters iMessage Security Against Future Quantum Threats

By constantly refreshing encryption keys and integrating post-quantum cryptography with existing protocols, Apple ensures that iMessage remains at the forefront of secure messaging.

Nepal Bans TikTok Citing Social Harmony Disruption and Hate Content

Nepal's decision comes as a response to concerns over the misuse of the platform, which has led to more than 1,600 TikTok-related cybercrime cases registered in the country over the past four years.

Signal Is Testing Usernames to Enhance Privacy

This move is aimed at providing a more confidential communication experience within the app and is currently in a pre-beta testing phase, with an official release planned for early 2024.

WhatsApp Introduces Passwordless Logins with Passkeys for Android Users

The passkey feature is expected to become available to Android users gradually over the coming weeks and months. It promises to offer a more secure and user-friendly way to access WhatsApp, ultimately reducing the reliance on traditional passwords.

Google Introduces Passwordless Sign-In with Passkeys as a Default Option

Google has been actively promoting passkeys, which align with the industry's goal to reduce reliance on passwords. The company encourages users to adopt passkeys as their primary sign-in method, emphasizing their ease of use and enhanced security.

Google Chrome to Get a Fresh Look and New Features for 15th Anniversary Celebration

Google is gearing up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its popular web browser, Chrome, with a fresh new look and exciting updates. The redesign will bring a modern twist to the browser, drawing inspiration from Google's Material You design language.

Google Will Alert Users If It Finds Their Personal Data Online

Last year, the company launched the "Results about you" tool, allowing users to easily request the removal of search results containing their phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses.

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