Data Leak

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Data Leak is connected with the exposure of some data or vulnerability. Data leaks may be caused by users gaining unauthorized access to a website, by improper developed apps or services, or by flaws in security policies. The distinctive feature of a data leak is that it’s the data transmission from an internal source to an external one. Most incidents may even be unintentional and because of human error.

Amazon Fired Several Employees Due to Customer Data Leak

Once again: Amazon has leaked customer data due to the company’s dishonest employees.

Wyze Labs Leaves Sensitive Data of 24 Million Users Exposed Online

The company says that the data leak occurred because of a human error that resulted in the temporary removal of security protocols on December 4th.

17 Million Phone Numbers Were Matched to User Accounts Using a Twitter Bug on an Android App

A security researcher was able to discover a bug by uploading millions of phone numbers to a Twitter’s Android app and matching them to user accounts.

Latest Facebook Data Leak Made Data of About 267 Million Users Publicly Available Online

The unprotected database contained sensitive information such as users’ full names, phone numbers, and Facebook IDs, and was available online for quite a while.

TrueDialog’s Unsecured Database Exposed Millions of Users’ SMS Text Messages

A massive data breach of an unsecured database run by TrueDialog has recently been discovered. The exposed database stored sensitive information along with millions of SMS texts of American users.

Over One Billion of Users’ Records Were Drifting in the Open Access

The dark web expert Vinny Troia exposed an unsecured server in the Google Cloud service.