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Tech Digest: Artificial Intelligence Related News and a Tiny Bit of Art Therapy

Did you know that AI managed to trick the reCAPTCHA test for the first time? And that to be happy, all you need to do is to rent a Finn? Find out about this and a lot more in our latest Tech Digest.

News Digest: Pieces of News About Beetles, Bacteria, Microplastics, and Studio Ghibli Online Tours

Did you know that American prisoners want to get sick with COVID-19 on purpose? And that to find out what species a beetle belongs to, scientists need to study its penis for 7 years? Enjoy our news digest and find out!

Science Digest: The Earth’s Song, Sunken Ships with Treasures, and Dogs Sniffing Out COVID-19

Constant talk about quarantine and new COVID-19 cases causes anxiety. Therefore, in our new science digest, you will find pieces of news that will make you smile and help save your mental health in self-isolation.

News Digest: Tidings You Might Have Missed

Do you know what corona marketing is? Or have you ever wondered whether the giant Indian squirrel actually exists? If not, enjoy our latest news digest and find out about the things you might have missed.

Science Digest: Cellular Ageing Was Defeated, Implants Will Return Vision, and New Species of Peacock Spiders

Eternal youth has long been the subject of many tales and myths. But will it soon become a reality? Will it be available to recover vision? Do natural disasters always have negative effects? Find out in our digest.

News Digest: Top 12 Pieces of News of the Week

Sometimes, you find it challenging to keep up with things that are happening around us, especially now when we are all stuck at home self-isolating. That is why we’ve prepared the top twelve pieces of news of the week to keep you posted.

Science Digest: Snails Named After Greta Thunberg, the World’s Largest Flower, and Growing Beans on Martian Soil

This week’s digest will tell you why Greta Thunberg is now a snail, how to grow “martian” beans, where the world’s largest flower grows, and why you should not go out if there are iron clouds outside.

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