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The Google Stadia Gaming Service Will Expand the List of Supported Smartphones

Very soon, the Google Stadia gaming service will be available on several smartphones manufactured by Asus, Razer, and Samsung. Previously, the service was only available on Google Pixels.

Weekly Fun: Dinosaur Poop Butt Plug, a Fisting Emoji, Burying Your Sex Doll with Honors, and Porn Games That Fight Coronavirus

This week’s stories feature porn games that fight the coronavirus and dinosaur poop butt plug that will spice up your love life. Plus, your favorite sex doll can now be buried with all the honors. And finally, we got a fisting emoji – because there’s a reason for everything.

Finally, the Cloud Gaming Service GeForce Is Now Available Globally

NVIDIA's GeForce Now cloud gaming service debuted after many years of beta testing on a PC. The offer from GeForce Now is much more attractive compared to what the streaming gaming service Google Stadia is ready to give its users.

Install “Desktop Goose” and Let It Destroy Your Computer

The Untitled Goose Game inspired developer Sam Chiet to create Desktop Goose, an application that "destroys your computer."

The Plague Inc. Video Game Breaks Records Again Due to Coronavirus

The game is growing in popularity at the same rate as the Chinese coronavirus is spreading. The game is already eight years old, and it’s still first-rate.

Lego Released an International Space Station Set and Sent It into the Stratosphere

Lego launched a mini version of the ISS into the stratosphere. The model looks very realistic. For perfect implementation of this project, the company consulted NASA. Still, the project has some inaccuracies.

You Will Not Believe It: Fans Created the Harry Potter Minecraft Game

All characters are square and similar to Lego figures. All interiors are angular, but every detail is worked out with love. Harry Potter fans made a very detailed game about their favorite wizarding world.