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Giphy is an American online database and search service that allows users to share short-loping videos with no sound, that resemble animated GIF files. On May 15, 2020, GIPHY was acquired by Facebook for reported $400 million.

Zoom Temporarily Removed Giphy Integration From Chats

The video conferencing service says the Giphy feature will be back after some security and technical improvements are made.

The U.S. Congress Is Worried About Facebook's Giphy Acquisition

Facebook recently announced the purchase of Giphy animated image service. U.S. Congress opposed the deal, saying Facebook cannot buy other companies while the antitrust investigation is underway.

Facebook Acquired Giphy for $400 Million and Welcomed It as Part of Instagram

The social media giant bought the GIF-sharing platform that reportedly cost $400 million to integrate it into Instagram.

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