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A hacker is an individual who uses computers with the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to private data. They are usually skilled programmers who find weaknesses in computer systems or networks. Some claim that hackers make the Internet a safer place by reporting bugs and vulnerabilities that companies can later fix for their customers’ protection. Mainly, hackers can obtain cash advances, hijack passwords and usernames, steal money, etc.

OurMine Hacking Group Strikes Again: This Time, Facebook’s Social Media Accounts Get Hacked

The affected accounts were accessed through a third-party platform called Khoros – a social media management software for businesses.

15 Twitter Accounts of the NFL Teams Got Hacked by a Saudi Hacking Group

Reportedly, a Saudi “white hat” hacking group is responsible for taking control of the NFL’s teams’ accounts.

Microsoft on the Most Complicated Phishing Attacks of the Passing Year

In its blog, the company talked about the three most complicated phishing attacks that were detected this year.

Latest Facebook Data Leak Made Data of About 267 Million Users Publicly Available Online

The unprotected database contained sensitive information such as users’ full names, phone numbers, and Facebook IDs, and was available online for quite a while.

The Annual Worst Passwords List

The “donald” password is not among the 25 most dangerous and most commonly leaked passwords. Still, this year, the most popular passwords are almost identical to those ones of 2018.

How to Track Your Contacts' Activity on WhatsApp Using the "Last Seen" Feature

Have you wanted to bypass the “Last Seen” feature for a long time but wasn’t ready to pay hackers for it? With The Internet Protocol guide, everyone can do it. You got it! WhatsApp contacts activity tracking is Here!

Is NordVPN Safe After a Breach?

NordVPN has admitted that one of its servers was hacked in March 2018 when an unauthorized user accessed a server in a Finland data center. The breach could have let the hacker gather traffic flowing through the server.