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Apple One Bundles Are Now Available in Over 100 Countries

Finally, Apple launched Apple One subscription in over 100 countries, ranging in price from the $14,95 Individual tier to the $29,95 Premier plans.

Bad News: Apple Canceled End-To-End Backup Encryption. Good News: We Will Teach You How to Give up iCloud Backup

If you’re not paranoid, it doesn’t mean no one is watching you. We will teach you how to store your backups without showing the authorities photos of you wearing a swimsuit.

Apple Algorithms Scan Your Photos in iCloud

Apple confirmed that they scan iCloud pics with users’ agreement and use technology to check specific photos.

iPhone 5 Owners Should Update the Software by November 3 to Avoid GPS Issues

According to Apple, some of the iPhone users are highly advised to update to iOS 10.3.4 in order not to lose key features, and iPhone 5 owners get full-screen alerts regarding the update.

Apple Rolled out the New 10.15 Mac OS Catalina

Catalina lines up with novices of fall 2019. This software will function only on Mac laptops. Let’s open several never-seen-before features.

Yahoo Employee Hacked Accounts and Collected Private Images

Yahoo white-collar crime: account can be hacked, a password can be cracked, and insiders can use personal records.

Apple TV+ Launch in November 2019: Content, Price, and Rivals

The streaming Apple TV+ service is coming out in November. TV shows and collaborations with TV and movies famous stars.

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