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Intel is an American multinational corporation and technology company, the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer.

Nvidia Became the Third-Largest Semiconductor in the World by Market Cap

Nvidia surpassed Intel, and now it became the third-largest semiconductor in the world, with its $250 billion market capitalization.

WWDC 2020: Apple Will Announce the Shift to Its Own ARM Processors in Mac Computers Instead of Intel CPUs

The project, code-named Kalamata, is expected to make a breakthrough in the history of the Mac line. However, at the upcoming conference, the company will only announce a move from Intel processors to its own chips.

Microsoft Innovations on the Fall Presentation. Gadgets They Are Proud to Show

Microsoft showed upcoming gadgets. The Surface hardware lineup presentation in New-York.

Trade War Timelines. Apple Attained the Import Tariff Lowering

The tariff canceling broke the ice between U.S. Representatives and computer makers. The officials satisfied some exemption requests for Apple Inc. and small computer traders.

The Quantum Superiority of Google. The Great Development and No Report

Google developed the high-powered quantum computer, but the project details are still kept in secret.

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